Are you or your team drowning in paperwork?

Could your team skills be better used elsewhere, than spending hours on cumbersome data entry?

Many of the companies we talk to, often have data entry processes in place, which work for the short term, but are not so efficient for the long term.

This may sound familiar, where your team is spending hours to get important information into the systems that are in place so that people can use this to make important decisions. I.e Purchasing, Invoicing, Statement processing, Auditing needs.

Why should you consider automating the documentation in your business?

Your front line staff need this now!

  • Reduce exposure to risk through inadvertent error or lost opportunity
  • Reduce the need to put resources into training staff on manual data entry
  • Managing time more efficiently with volumes of data you are bringing into the systems you use
  • Make decisions faster and more accurately

Ask yourself these 5 questions when deciding on automating the documentation processes in your business.

  1. What is it going to cost, what is my budget and compare to the number of people I need to employ to handle this now. (Consider ROI)
    1. When considering cost you should also think about development costs
    2. Opportunity cost and extra labour hours for receiving the information you need
    3. Cost of maintaining documentation
    4. Cost of mistakes when documents are not accurate
    5. The cost of manual input by your employee
  2. What would I like to automate (nice to have versus mandatory needs)?
  3. How will I need or want it to work with other systems?
  4. What level of support will I need for my team and I?
  5. What is the volume of documentation I need to manage through my business?

What solutions are out there:

When I was at XeroCon, I met with Zudello – An Australian Based Solution built with inspiration through an old ERP Solution called CUBE. Zudello, is certainly ready for the now and future, they are geared up with some amazing features that have been carefully thought through, that will not only automate your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable process but are very documentation focused, especially around Artificial Intelligence and finding patterns in logic used within the platform to heighten user experience. They understand their customers as they have a strong background in business workflow and Inventory Management, so this is a very powerful combination indeed.

Connect with your favourite solutions

Zudello enables you to connect with your inventory solution and your accounting solution. It sits on top of these systems to manage the data input of bills, purchases, invoices to streamline your workflows and eliminate data entry.

What makes Zudello different?

This is what I thought was super fascinating about Zudello, which I have not seen in other systems:

  • Zudello uses OCR Technology to scan invoices and bring in invoice and the line items
  • Machine learning is then put into action to analyze the invoice and identify any issues with it.
  • This is monitored in real-time with the tech team at Zudello
  • Maintain live spend through real-time visibility that speaks directly to your system