Keane Ceramics is a family-run clay manufacturing business based at Somersby on the scenic Central Coast of NSW, Australia. The company has been established for over 30 years and offers an extensive range of clays, slips, glazes, and ceramic tools and equipment.  Keane Ceramics produce over 25 different types of clay and casting slips.

keane ceramics

Keane Ceramics has one warehouse with a large production facility and a showroom to purchase any tools and equipment a pottery lover would need. Not only does Keane Ceramics supply schools, government institutions and retailers all around Australia, anyone can also jump online at any time to stock up on their pottery supplies at


The Keane Ceramics team got in touch with WhichAddOn to help them find a better solution. They were already using Xero as their accounting software and Shopify for their eCommerce site. The inventory management system that they were using for production and the showroom was Lightspeed POS. Lightspeed, although it is a cloud solution, wasn’t giving them the two-way connectivity they needed with Xero. There was still a lot of manual data entry to import and export invoices and payments into Xero to manage debtors, reconcile sales from multiple channels and more.


DEAR Inventory was a great fit for the Keane Ceramics team. DEAR Inventory has very tight integration with Xero where invoices are pushed to Xero once created in DEAR and synced. Then the payment detail comes up from Xero into DEAR. DEAR even records the date of payment, the amount and the source of the payment – pulling all this data up from Xero after you apply for the payment in Xero from the bank feed. This means that you can see your debtors in DEAR or Xero. You can also easily see the status of an invoice and the detail of when it was paid inside DEAR, without having to go into Xero. Surprisingly, DEAR is one of the inventory management solutions that do this process well. A lot of people assume it’s a given in all inventory systems, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

keane ceramics

The other added benefit that Keane Ceramics loved about DEAR Inventory once they started using it – is that they now had an easy to use POS with multiple warehouse capability, so they could track sales at trade shows, really easily. Right from an iPad. All they had to do was turn on another register in the DEAR POS and transfer the stock into the new “Trade Show” warehouse in DEAR as they took the stock off the shelf to take to the show and off they went.

Final thoughts

Really when it came down to it, DEAR Inventory was an easy fix for a simple problem. Lightspeed was a great product for what it did for Keane Ceramics. It had POS, inventory, production, multiple price levels and more. However, the Xero integration was what let it down.

keane ceramics

To me, this client’s situation just outlines the importance of taking your time to ensure you have the right solution for your business situation before you get started. I know it’s so easy to just start setting up a software these days – you can do it yourself – but it’s really important to know you have the right solution so you don’t waste time with the wrong one.

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