White Paper - Credit Control 2.0 by Satago

Satago has just released a white paper on Credit Control, I encourage you to download the resource and have a read. There are some great tips to getting paid faster. Something every business could use.

A quick note from the founder Steven Renwick introduces the whitepaper.

Hi there!
My name is Steven Renwick, founder & CEO of Satago. For those of you who haven’t heard about Satago before, it’s one of the FinTech (Financial Technology) companies that is currently turning the financial industry upside down.

Many FinTech businesses were started to take on the big banks and investment firms but credit control is an industry that hasn’t seen much disruption yet.

In order to eradicate the culture of late payment of invoices for small and medium-sized enterprises, Satago’s young entrepreneurs developed a powerful CRM software platform to reduce the headache of chasing customers for payment.

On this journey, we’ve received many questions from our users about best practice for credit control and have created this document to summarise the main points on how to improve your debtor management. We picked the brains of our credit
control partners and asked our users what works best for them.

So why do we call it Credit Control 2.0?

Credit control 2.0 is a clever forward-thinking approach to give you a whole new perspective on credit control. We took the best elements of human interactions and technology to create Satago.

This document gives you our best practice advice to get you started, helping you to improve your debtor management process in a timelier fashion and giving you more time to do what you do best. That is; running your business.

You should see immediate results as our users have been getting paid up to 23 days faster. You don’t need to do the chasing yourself, nor do you need to outsource it. You can literally sit back and let Satago do 80% of what you do manually today.

I hope the following pages will show you that these days, it’s all about working smarter, not harder!

Kind regards,

Steven Renwick

Founder & CEO

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