Welcome to WhichAddOn’s first edition for 2019! It has taken us a while to release this magazine. Our last edition was back in August 2018. A lot has happened since then, both in our industry and more so at Whichaddon.

Magazine January 2019

We had a loss in our family, which made us internally look at our priorities and what we want to achieve at WhichAddOn. It also led us to look at the situation as co-founders and consider if something were to happen to us, how would the company survive. We broke down the areas that Jeri and myself were doing, and worked out that we were doing 12 different roles split between two of us. That really did not make sense, and in all honesty, it reflected in our inability to meet deadlines and time frames.

This led us to take decided action to improve this situation. Our team had already started growing, we had a couple of staff working with us, but in the last quarter, we really started to grow our team. We went from two workers to a team of eleven by the end of December. We systemized our internal operations and support services, and this has really brought about a dramatic increase in the quality of work we produce.

So in essence 2018 was that transition year for WhichAddOn, from just Jeri and me to a team of skilled professionals all committed to ensuring clients have the best possible experience.

In 2019, we hope to grow our team from 11 to around 20-25 staff. We also are planning to expand into the US and the UK. In Australia, we are already the largest Cloud integrators and by the end of 2019, we hope to be the largest implementors in the QBO/Xero ecosystem in the world.

I would also like you to take a moment (about 2mins) to check out the video Jeri featured in about WhichAddOn. Hope you enjoy!