Welcome to WhichAddOn’s 2nd edition for 2019!


The start to the year as always has taken off at a 100 miles an hour. This year it seems to be even faster. Blink and you missed January. I’m sure it is the same for everyone else. We have had quite a number of jobs go live, and had the wonderful opportunity to work with some unique businesses. We will be sharing some of those experiences with you.

However, the biggest news of all, is a new product that we are launching. Its called WAOConnect!

Now you may be wondering what the heck that is, to explain it in one line, its bringing all your data across all your systems into the one place.

Most reporting/dashboarding solutions are quite limited by the connections they have with other software vendors. With our solution, we can connect to any API, and pull out as much information as the API allows. Further to that, we can apply calculations and filters to generate forecasts and scenarios.

It’s important to know the background of why we came up with this product. It was more of a need than anything, we constantly had customers complain about not being able to access the right reports, and all the different systems they had connected.

An example of a customer we have, has a wholesale channel (managed by Cin7), accounts in Xero, e-commerce (Shopify), plus social media, adword campaigns, etc. Trying to cross reference and manage all these different platforms is nothing short of a nightmare. Unless you have an IQ on par with Einstein when you move from one system to another, there is always a disconnect, and it is cumbersome to push all that data into excel, then collate it and finally once this is all done, the time to do it means the data is outdated and often redundant. WAO Connect changes this and allows for data to be refreshed frequently from multiples sources once the dashboards are setup.

Anyway I won’t go on about WAO Connect anymore(I’m sure you can tell I am very excited), there are some cool articles that go into much more detail, and I trust you will enjoy it.