Working with clients all over the world, both Accelo and WhichAddOn are determined to create positive change in businesses by providing solutions that enable efficiency, minimise errors and save money.

At WhichAddOn, we believe that with the right knowledge and support every business can rise to become everything they dream of – connecting staff to each other, to customers and to suppliers in the cloud. The cloud enables connection.

Accelo believes there’s a better way to run a professional services business, so they built the operations automation system, previously known as Affinity Live.

“Running a professional service business – keeping the deals flowing, projects going and staff and clients happy – is hard enough without being hamstrung by poor-quality systems, manual processes and inadequate tools.” Read more about Accelo here.

Jeri Wambeek, Co-Founder of WhichAddOn, shares why Accelo is her chosen solution for WhichAddOn clients and even their own business.

Accelo is just the best! Hahaha… No, really. It is. We found Accelo because we were in search of an amazing CRM and project management solution for our business, WhichAddOn. Both Marlon and I have been in business for many years – we used Salesforce, CapsuleCRM, SugarCRM, WorkflowMax – you name it, we’d used it. Nothing could truly help us manage our business like we need to. We were starting to think we were the problem! And then we found the answer. Accelo.”

WhichAddOn helps product selling businesses save time and money using cloud-based systems. We help wholesalers, retailers, online e-commerce businesses, manufacturers and marketplace sellers, like Amazon sellers increase productivity and profits by having a system that helps them understand what’s going on in the business at all times.

We started using Accelo in our own business in 2016. Our business has grown rapidly and the projects we were taking on were getting more complex as we attracted bigger clients that had more intricate needs, such as EDI, multiple sales channels and advanced inventory management requirements. With many implementation projects running at one time, whilst supporting our existing clients and selling to new ones – there were a lot of moving parts. We needed a system to help manage it all.

We were using AgileCRM at the time. We loved that it had a decent email template for sending out our weekly newsletter, it stored all our contact details, some tasks and an online booking calendar. What it didn’t do was project management or sales pipeline management very well – so we were using daPulse for Task Management and WorkflowMax for project management and leads. It just wasn’t efficient.

Now, we have both worked in many businesses in the past – our own and with clients – so we had directly worked with and seen many CRM systems in the past that just didn’t cut it.

  • Salesforce – powerful but too difficult to setup and use. Expensive.
  • Agile CRM – good email tracking but no project management
  • CapsuleCRM – too basic, no decent user permissions for a growing company
  • WorkflowMax – great at project management, but not great for support, leads, email integration or marketing. Project templates were a pain.
  • Hubspot – great at social media but not great for project management
  • ProWorkflow – again, good project management, not great for email tracking and other areas.

And so on!

“We were starting to think it was us that was the problem. That we just couldn’t use CRM software properly. We train people on how to use software every day! We didn’t like using the other CRM systems. They couldn’t do it all, so we couldn’t “live in” them like we needed to keep it all up to date. When we found Accelo, we were so happy.”

WhichAddOn uses Accelo for:

  • Sales Pipeline Management and Leads
  • Project Management for cloud implementation projects
  • Service Help Desk for supporting existing clients
  • Time tracking
  • Task Management
  • Marketing project planning

There are even more uses for Accelo, but we just don’t need them yet.

We implement Accelo for our clients now because we love it and we think every business with customers should use it. Even if you don’t need all the project management modules, you can use the CRM module for managing your contacts and your email inbox. You can use the tickets for tracking your customer service and targets.

We are very excited to be Certified Partners with Accelo and look forward to helping our clients provide a better service to their customers, make more sales and keep their inbox to zero!

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