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Welcome to WhichAddOn

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Business System Automation at its Finest.

With our client-based approach, we are attentive about what our client wants & needs. We pride ourselves by providing you with the best cloud based software and add-ons connected to each other forming the best system fueled by the latest technology for your business.

We know it’s stressful changing systems in any business – let alone one that has inventory when every minute something is sold, it is made or arrives for processing. Your business is constantly changing – so making the right choices and managing all the moving parts of a big project like implementing new systems – is a stressful task.

We help businesses all over the world move to the cloud. We also help those that have tried to do it themselves but need some guidance to create the great experience they were planning for. Our expert team of Solution Engineers – who are all fully qualified accountants – are here to help.

On our website, you will find hundreds of articles designed to educate and inform you about many different topics to do with running your product-selling business in the cloud.

We look forward to helping you move to the cloud or guide you to that great experience in the cloud.

What Industries do we work with?

What Industries do we work with?

We work with any product-selling businesses.

Who are our Software Partners?

Who are our Software Partners?

To ensure we only give you the best system possible and none other lower than that, we’ve partnered with the best & biggest cloud software solution partners all around the globe.

So, How do we do it?

How do we do it?

We help transform product-selling businesses by helping them build the best system through cloud software solutions.

Step by Step Process

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We will go into even greater depth to learn about our clients. This will help us to get a thorough understanding of their needs. Our quotes were reflective of the requirements of the customer

Implementation & Training

Collectively as a team, we decided we needed to spend more time physically with our clients. Often staff would dismiss things as little or not important, and we would end up missing these finer details. In our experience, it is the little things that end up adding up to big things. So prior to any of our implementations, we spend up to an entire day onsite going through key individuals workflow. This ensures that we understand clearly how things flow in their business.

Finally, once the implementation is complete, we spend up to a week with our client, working one on one with staff to ensure that they have customized training that fits their workflow. We also fine-tune the system to better fit the needs of staff in this period, which is a key part of physically being with the client. This has become a high priority for us, and we will travel all over Australia, New Zealand and around the world to ensure that our clients will get the best possible experience.


Our project management software have a support ticketing system built into it.


As we look at hiring staff and growing, we want to keep the same level of service and value to our customers. One of our key points of difference is that our team is made up of accountants or a background in accounts. As such we always want to find the right personality blend that has the technical savvy, as well as the personal skills to connect with clients. We have a lot of clients that are always asking for assistance with reconciliations, so we decided to invest and developed our newest addition Marlon (yes, another Marlon lol).  He is our support and reconciliation expert. We are thrilled to have him with us, and he will add another level of deep-level support that we feel is lacking.

Ultimately, we will never stop listening and growing, and time will tell as to where this journey will take us.

Final Thoughts

If your organisation needs any assistance or perhaps you are in an advisory role and need some help with clients moving to the cloud, please feel free to contact us anytime. We would love to hear from you, and try our best to help you out.

Are you ready to bring that perfect
system in your head to life?

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Australia Office

Australia Office

Level 5, Nexus Building, 4 Columbia
Court, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
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Phone • +61 2 8860 9525


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