Updates from last week:
In case you missed it last week, we launched our latest project, the Ecosystem Expert Academy. An online Academy dedicated to Xero learning – it’s aim:

  • To make Xero learning EFFORTLESS
  • To make Xero learning AFFORDABLE
  • To make Xero learning AVAILABLE ANYWHERE

Check out the Academy here

Interviews Conducted:
Last week, Jeri had the pleasure of interviewing two add-on founders:

  • David Tuck, Founder of Chaser, the latest recipient of Add-On of the Year
  • Martin Kratky, Founder of new reporting-focused Xero add-on, Clear Jelly

We will be sharing audio and video versions of these interviews this week on WhichAddOn.com. Stay tuned on the site during the week to get it first.

Exciting Add-ons we found: 
Whilst conducting our research on the best project and people management solution for a scoping client, we found EMAC. EMAC is an adaptable job management platform that is fantastic for skilled industrial, construction and services trade workers. From detailed job management to quotes with variations, timesheets and much more.

EMAC is a mature Australian cloud solution created over 2 years ago for a specific client. It was brought to market and into the Xero ecosystem recently to help businesses in those industries to manage their jobs online with Xero. Learn more about EMAC here.

This week we are: 

  • Interviewing Richard Francis, Founder of Spotlight Reporting
  • Jeri is being interviewed by Morris Kaplan of Bookkeepers Hub, Connecting Australia’s bookkeepers with business

New articles on WhichAddOn.com this week: 

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Until next week, have a good one!
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