Crittenden Estate is an iconic vineyard, winery and wine centre located in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula, one hour’s drive south of Melbourne. The home vineyard, first planted in 1982, is situated on the lower northern slopes of Red Hill and has ideal conditions for growing traditional cool climate European varieties.

On Monday 2nd July, I was driving through the picturesque hills of the Morning Peninsula to spend the day working on a system implementation. The client, Crittenden Estate, is known
As one of the Mornington Peninsula’s iconic wineries and a must visit on a winery tour agenda. My mission: to implement and train the team on their new systems, Vinsight and Xero. 

Vinsight and Xero


Crittenden Wines reached out to WhichAddOn early in 2018 to find a solution that enabled them to move from MYOB. Many businesses in the wine industry who want to move to Xero often find that they can’t use it in the same way that they used MYOB to handle the Wine Equalisation Tax on their products. MYOB does a great job at handling WET, while Xero doesn’t. It is for this reason, Vinsight, a Xero add-on for wineries and breweries, exists and excels in this specialised niche.

Vinsight, a Xero add-on dashboard


Now, wanting to move to Xero wasn’t the only driving force for the move from MYOB. Crittenden was already using a cloud-based POS and online platform, Winedirect, for their retail sales and cellar door. They needed a cloud-based system to manage their wholesale orders, multiple stock locations around the country and multiple price tiers. Although they had production management handled with a pre-existing winery production management system, they also needed a system to capture the costs from the bulk wine being packaged and the process around that.



The Vinsight winery software implemented now keeps tabs on bulk wine and packaging costs through to a product that is bottled and labelled. Maintaining and recording accurate data is often the most challenging aspect of the winemaking business. The business is now better adapted for its industry which is highly regulated and needs to be prepared for audit as required, leaving the business owners with a better night’s sleep. The inventory management systems implemented can now manage the traceability for control across raw goods, tanks, and bottles – right through the end customer, whether they may be retail or wholesale. Vinsight winery software drop down menu

Final thoughts

As expected, a new system takes time to “bed down”. We were happy to work with the Crittenden team throughout their support period. During this period, additional questions arose
As the team started processing and “going live” in their new system, they logged queries and tickets with the WhichAddOn team such as processing orders, Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) calculations, configuration settings, bank reconciliation questions and reporting. We are proud of how far the Crittenden Estate team have progressed in their journey to the cloud and to help them do what they do best – spend more time in the vineyard!