Neto recently announced quite a few upcoming updates for its e-commerce platform. There are quite a few updates for Neto users on their way with the focus being on marketplaces, which includes both Amazon and eBay. There are also upcoming Neto updates to managed checkouts and payment systems as well as Neto inventory and POS.

Neto gathered feedback from users from their ideas portal. The ideas portal is a place where Neto users can suggest ideas to Neto in a public forum and there’s potential for them to end up in future updates. If you’re a Neto user it is a good idea to watch that forum to stay informed about what the Neto community is interested in seeing in the future, or even become an active member yourself as you just might end up with all the updates you need for your store if your suggestion gets chosen.

Marketplace Updates

Amazon Australia updates

Neto is planning to add extra functionality for its Amazon Australia integration. Changes to the platform in the future according to Neto include:

  • The ability to map your Neto categories to Amazon Australia product categories.

    upcoming neto updates

  • The ability to map the required fields in each relevant Amazon Australia category (like product name, brand name, manufacturer, dimensions) to product fields in your Neto control panelupcoming neto updates

eBay Australia Updates

According to Neto the future updates to the platform include:

  • eBay Business Policies: you can now sync’ your Neto business policies with your eBay Business Policies (the payment, shipping and return details you specify for buyers), so you don’t have to add them each time for new listings.
  • Product-based Shopping Experience: in line with eBay’s upcoming changes to how products display for browsers and buyers.

Other Marketplace updates

Neto has said that while working on the Amazon update/integration for their platform, they ended up with a good engine that can be used for further integration with other marketplaces in the future. While not coming in the next 6.15 update, it’s mentioned that in the future there will be Neto integration with the Catch marketplace. Whether this will be in the next update from Neto is unclear, but as it’s coming soon it might be a great idea to keep an eye on Catch to see if there are any opportunities for you and your business there.

Managed Checkout Payments

The managed checkout system is what’s used by Neto during the customer checkout process. It is basically the place where customers pay for your products. There are some planned changes coming to the UI and UX part of the checkout. Take a look at the new UI changes in the picture below to see what you can expect.

upcoming neto updates

Coming soon to the checkout system are some ease of use updates. These include updated eWay integration which should improve payment flow when checking out. There’s also added support for international addresses being added as well.

Neto Inventory Updates

Based on customer feedback from a recent survey. Neto is planning to release some updates to inventory in the future. Neto at the moment is working on updating scanning which includes:

  • receive purchase orders or conduct stocktakes with a barcode scanner.
  • increase order line limits for stocktakes and purchase orders.
  • improve the scanning workflow.

The scanning part is currently on their roadmap of updates, but also, in the future, they are planning to add some features to inventory such as CSV imports for purchase orders, stock transfers and other UI improvements, once they get scanning right.

Neto POS Updates

The next features coming to the Neto POS include:

  • Gift vouchers: offer gift vouchers via POS that can be purchased and redeemed in-store or online.

    upcoming neto updates

  • View stock levels; check stock levels for products across different locations and view a breakdown of incoming stock in accordance with purchase orders.

In the future, Neto mentioned that they’re also working on the ability to offer Layby and partially paid orders. As well as improving product and customer search capabilities.

These updates are basically what you can expect from Neto very soon and also what they’re working on in the future. There’s likely even more to come from Neto in the future as they appear to be quite active with the feedback they receive on the ideas portal, which is something that other companies out there don’t do. There is some mention in the 6.15 update article about accounting/ERP integrations, but no details are made as to what future integrations there are. But we will make sure to cover these updates here on WhichAddOn in the future.

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Source: Neto