How to Stocktake in Unleashed

June, 2019

*check this includes finishing/updating stock transfers

Please note it is possible to do a stocktake by warehouse, by bin location…

 Conducting Stocktake:

IMPORTANT: Before starting your stocktake, make sure you have completep the steps outlined in the “Before the Stocktake” instructions.

You can count the items you have and record the stock numbers in various ways. The options are:

      • Print a paper sheet called the…
      • Enter the stock count numbers into Unleashed directly in the…screen
      • Export the stock count to Excel as a CSV file, add the count number and import back into Unleashed

 After the Stocktake:

      • Make sure stocktake has been saved and adjustments made i.e. spot check 10 products to make sure they match your stocktake.

 How to carry out an inventory stocktake in Unleashed

This article will explain how to perform a stocktake/count in Unleashed.

      1.  To perform a stock count go to inventory -Transactions- Stocks counts.
      2.  This will take you to the screen where you can view all stock counts that happened previously.
      1.  To create a new stock count click on Add Count.
      1.  When the stock count screen appears, fill out below information.
        • Stock count name – the stock count needs to have a name.
        • You can filter the count through warehouse, bin location, supplier & product group.
        • Once the product item list appears that you need to perform the stock count click on create count.
      1.  Once done, this will freeze the product items & you cannot perform any transactions relating to these items. Is this we cant’t add any sales or just can’t complete any invoice?
      1. You can print this sheet & ask your team to update it.
      1.  If you’re not paper-based then you can update the stock item count in the system itself by, click the count quantity. This is suitable if you have a small number of stock items.
      1.  If you have a large number of stock items to count then click on export & select one of the options.

We recommend exporting to CSV.
      1.  The csv file will show all the products that are available & the quantities that need to be updated.Once completed save the file. A CSV file can be opened with Microsoft Excel.
      1. Click on Import to import the updated file. The updated counts will show in the product list.

      1. If you click on Print variances at the bottom, it will show the variance between how much stock is on hand how much you have counted, its variance, etc.
      1.  You can make adjustments to count if needed.
      1. If you’re not happy with the stock count you can delete it by clicking on the Delete button at the bottom.
      1. If you’re happy with the stock count click on Complete to complete the process. It is recommended to cross check 10 or so items with your stock count numbers to confirm the stocktake has been completed successfully.

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