NZ Natural Juice makes and sells fresh juice throughout New Zealand. The company was started when founder Alwyn Burr saw a gap in the market for a niche product and bought a small business based in Hawke’s Bay. It has evolved a lot since he took over with their products now stocked around the country in major supermarkets.

Operations Manager, Sally Symes, loves her job with the company because of the hard work that goes into crafting the product, “It’s the first time you can open a bottle of apple juice and have it really taste like an apple,” she enthuses. She’s full of praise for her colleagues describing them as “fantastic people with great direction who put in the hard yards to make the product work.” Sally shared her experience with Unleashed and why it’s been a solid choice for the growing company.

When Sally came into the company, there wasn’t an inventory control system in place so she set one up manually with Excel. However, she says it was apparent after the first few months that it was not a very successful way to go: “There were limitations to having a program like that, you’ve got the possible human error and if you make a mistake it’s hard to find. It’s time-consuming, terribly time-consuming.” She wanted a solution that offered more features, was more accessible and could integrate with Xero, their accounting platform.

Sally came across Unleashed after having it recommended by Gavin Walsh of Simplify, their IT consultant. Gavin helped NZ Natural Juice with the initial implementation, assisting with exporting the existing files into Unleashed. Initially running Unleashed as a standalone product, they integrated it with Xero when they moved to a new location with better internet connectivity and have found that the two systems work well together. Sally has become the go-to Unleashed expert at NZ Natural Juice and has recently been creating bills of material for the juice recipes. She has high praise for the proactive support and guidance that Unleashed offered throughout the process: “Ben from the support team has been so helpful in solving all of my problems, even though I must have been driving him nuts with asking so many questions. Getting his help has been the best!”

For Sally, the switch to Unleashed has enabled her to have greater flexibility in her role. “Prior to Unleashed, I was very much office-bound when we were doing it manually. We operate out of my office, but it also means that if the Managing Director wants to do some work on it from his home he just logs in,” she explains. Their marketing person is based in Auckland and prior to using Unleashed Sally would have to send them stock and sales reports manually, now they can look the reports up themselves.

Sally reports that switching to Unleashed has been a big timesaver: “My stock ordering last month took me something like an hour and a half to do instead of a day and a half. That’s significant!” Unleashed has positively affected the tasks Sally is able to manage, she explains: “Having Unleashed allows me to do a lot more without having to get in help, which is a great saving for the company. It also gives me that little bit more control while she’s growing because I’m at the coal face, and Unleashed allows that.”