I recently had a new client ask me how to convert a quote to a sales order in CIN7. She stated after I sent through the solution, that she would never have guessed that was how it was done. CIN7 has a very robust system that works very well and is very feature rich. However, it is not always that intuitive for the everyday user.

So if you are struggling to find how to turn a quote into a sales order in CIN7. Let me take you through a very quick step by step process on how to do that.

Step 1

  1. From your starting dashboard click on sales on the side menu bar.
  2. This will reveal all the sales options, which includes the quote module
  3. You can either click on Quote or New Quote


Clicking on quote will take you to the actual quote module, which will display all current quotes, and if you wish to you can filter these according to your needs (by clicking on the drop-down menu highlighted below.


Step 2

  1. Click on New Quote (see above) or you could have chosen to click on new quote from the side menu.
  2. Fill out the quote as you normally would, I will complete a tutorial on quotations at a later stage.
  3. Click approve Back to List.
  4. This will take you to the below screen.
  5. If the client accepts the quotation and you have entered this information, CIN7 defaults to only open and saved draft quotes as shown in the yellow highlighted section. You will need to click this and click accepted or search all. Again this is up to you, if you have a lot of quotes going through the system you might want to use the other filters that are provided. This is really up to you. Once you locate your quote.
  6. Click on the little cog next to your quote (as circled in the picture below).


Step 3

  1. Click on the actions menu at the top (see blue circle).
  2. Then click on copy to sales order, this can be done on open quotes as well as those that have been accepted.
  3. This will now copy the entire quotation to the sales order module and you can fill it out and process your sales order as per usual (shall write up a tutorial on sales orders in the future for your reference)


Well that’s all there is to it, it’s quite a straightforward process and I hope it will be of use to yourself or your team.

If you wish to get any customised training or assistance in making the transition to CIN7, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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