Types of Training

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At WhichAddon, we have many different layers/types of
training to cover all the learning types.

In our implementations, we incorporate all of
these different methods to ensure that your team is fully


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Through workshop-style training, we go over the
issues and demonstrate the best practices of how to
perform the required tasks. We also incorporate
troubleshooting with your entire team, which tends
to get staff far more involved.

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Online Training Manual

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Please see our product “Customized Workflow
Manuals” for a detailed understanding of what this
covers and the costs involved.

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Onsite Training

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This includes a staff member coming
onsite and going through the system with your daily
workload to maximize your learning outcomes.
These days are quite intensive and typically
last 1-2 days.

How much does it cost?

Cost depend on the type of training required, and prices range accordingly between

$1,500 – $4,500

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Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email
anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our
faithful clients.

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More WhichAddOn Services

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We help migrate you from your
old system to a new cloud-based system.

API Integration

Connecting two or more different
cloud software solutions, so that
data can be shared autonomously.

Review and Repair
Review and Repair

We provide an audit/reconciliation
of your system and help repair the
system for you..

Research Solutions
Research Solutions

We research what the best
solution is for you, and we build a
demonstration to prove it.

Workflow Manuals
Workflow Manuals

Developing custom workflow based
on what you do every day for
cloud-based systems.

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Australia Office

Australia Office

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Give Us a Call

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