How to Stocktake in CIN7

May, 2019

 Conducting Stocktake:

    1. In order to carry out the stocktake go to Stock-Stocktake master.

    2. Once in the stock take screen, hover over branch (in search products section) & select the branch you want to carry out the stocktake from the drop down menu. Please note that you can carry out stocktake in one branch at a time.

    • Ensure update mode is selected as Stock counts & type as All.

    • Then click on sync latest data button.
    1. In order to select the data, go to Export data section. By default this will select the product code & count in addition to that we can select SOH ( stock count already available in the system) & name of the product then click on Export data button.
    1. Once information appears as above click on Select data & copy all the information & paste it in an excel file. Before pasting ensure the excel cell format is changed to ‘text’.
    1. Fill in the count column with the data received from the stocktake. Once done copy all information in the excel file & go to update counts section.In this section paste all information you copied earlier. Then click on process counts.
    1. If you’ve missed any products, you will be alerted. You can either download those products that are missing and add them to your spreadsheet, or continue without them.

      After clicking on process counts it will show product items that have variances in the stock count.To adjust the new count click on continue with adjusting these variances button. This will update the new stock count in the system.

      Do not import initial adjustments

      When you Import an adjustment it creates two journals – one will increase or decrease the stock on hand, and the other journal will expense the same amount to a predefined expense account. At an initial stocktake we only want the stock on hand in Cin7 to balance with the stock on hand in the accounting software. This should be done manually.

      In order to make sure adjustments will not be imported to change the accounting status of each adjustment:

      • From the left navigation, select Stock – Adjustments.

      • Hover over the cog icon, and click Admin.

      • Select Do Not Import from the QBO/Xero Status drop down menu.
      • Click Save & Back to List.

      • Repeat this process for each adjustment that you create.

 2. How to Perform Stocktake Using Pick ‘n’ Pack

This stocktake function allows you to count stock ‘in the field’ using an electronic device, example:smartphone or tablet, then sync your stock counts back to Cin7 system to create the necessary adjustments.

This can be used for your initial stocktake, or any subsequent stocktake throughout the year. The stocktake can be found within the Pick ‘n’ Pack app.

    1. Setting up the Pick ‘n’ Pack.

    • On your Pc, tablet or smartphone navigate to

    • Log in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.

    • From the Stock Management menu, click Pick’n’Pack Stock Server Details.

    • Make note of the Server ID and Password then enter the details.
      • Enter username & password for Cin7 Account.
    1. Counting your Stock.

    • First of all reset your stock counts in stocktake master.

    • Choose the branch you’re going to have the stocktake.

    • Then click on reset stock counts.
    • In the Pick ‘n’ Pack app, ensure you’re at the right branch, example: sydney/kellyville warehouse.

    • Select Stocktake from the drop down menu.

    • Then click on the Sync button.
    • You can filter products by category, sub category, zone or by specific product.
    • You can now begin the stock counting, there should be one tab called ‘not counted’.

    • In order to count your stock you can scan your product & enter the quantity manually once done click on Update Qty.

    • Consequently scan each inventory item one at a time & the system will count the items for you.

    • You can also select a product by clicking on it & then entering the counts.

    • Once you have counted one item a new tab will appear for the ones counted, called counted.
    • Continue this process until there are no items in the not counted section.

    • You can scan the same product twice with a log recording the individual counts.

    • If you have any remaining inventory items it means that even though you have stock in the system in real life you do not have stock. Therefore add zero as quantity for these.

    • Once completed counting all inventory items click on the sync button, towards right to the sync button you can see the quantity of inventory items sent back to the backend.

    1. Adjusting your Stock.

    • Once in the stocktake master, click on sync latest data which will pull the data from the mobile stocktake to the stocktake master.

    • Then click on process stock counts start the stock adjustment.
    • If there are any uncounted inventory items there will be a message showing it.

    • Click on continue without not counted products & it will provide you with inventory items that have differences.
    • Click on continue with adjusting these variances & it will import new adjustments.

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