Satago, Chaser, Invoice Sherpa, EzyCollect & Debtor Daddy.

The Xero Debtor management segment has 21 AddOns battling for supremacy.

It is important to note however, there are Addons in this segment that are full blown solutions that can literally replace a human worker, and these are going to be the focus of this comparison.

Also worth noting within the segment there are also what I like to term “support” Addons, these Addons are focused on key functions like fees, and discounts. As such I haven’t included them in this comparison.

The Addons chosen are the most widely used, bug free, complete solutions and are the most well used AddOns in a very busy segment.

How powerful are these AddOns?

As mentioned prior to this, some of these AddOns have the potential to replace a staff member in most organisation. Alternately if you are a one man band certainly free up a lot of time.

In anyone of the following scenarios, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any one of these AddOns:

  • You already have a person just dedicated to A/R and are on the lookout for an assistant
  • You are an accounts person needing an extra hand for A/R
  • A business owner needing someone to chase your customers up and you have 100 other things to do

In my review of Invoice Sherpa, I suggested that if your business is going through any of the above scenarios, just get an AddOn, it always works, never sleeps, no workers compensation, no large wage bill, always on time, and does exactly what you set it to do, and it costs so much less! What’s not to like?

Not convinced? Well keep reading and perhaps by the end of the article you will be more convinced.

Point of the comparison

Every one of the Addons reviewed have a very high user rating in the Xero marketplace, they also share a lot of the main functionality expected in the segment. However they do have some very distinct differences.

So my main focus in the comparison will not be to draw out which Addon is best, but rather it will be focused on key features that are different, and ultimately as the end user you have to ask yourself what you need, and what fits your situation best.

Sort of in the similar mindset as hiring a new employee, the skill set is usually the same amongst most applicants, the key is do they fit into your organisation and how you do things.

Core Functionality

All of these solutions are easy to setup, obviously integrate with Xero, have intuitive interfaces that are quite easy and straightforward to use, has a core reminder function (Xero just released a reminder function natively in Xero, albeit it is nowhere near as advanced as these dedicated solutions). We have taken the time to tabulate all the main features in the four (4) tables below.

[table id=3 /][table id=5 /][table id=4 /][table id=6 /]


To be continued, with a more in depth discussion on the standout features in Satago, Invoice Sherpa, Chaser, EzyCollect & Debtor Daddy.

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