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Tas Rural Supplies provide a comprehensive range of farm-related products designed to improve a farm’s output and efficiency. Designing and manufacturing products to the highest quality – Tas Rural products are made by farmers, for farmers.

From fencing to cattle equipment, hay feeders, trailers or just stock supplies, Tas Rural has a huge range of products for Tasmanian farmers in the retail store in Cambridge, with delivery available and online ordering.

Tas Rural Supplies was introduced to us by their trusted bookkeeper who knew what’s possible for a business like this but needed WhichAddOn’s help to bring the possibility to life. This is our story of how we helped Tas Rural Supplies.

 The Problem

Tas Rural was already pushing Xero to its limits. When implementing Xero initially, they knew that the inventory management of Xero wasn’t powerful enough for their business, but starting out, inventory management wasn’t a huge problem. Back then the business was just running out of a shed and cash flow was the most important need to fill. Xero was fantastic at providing a real-time view and enabling positive cash flow. Professional invoices could be created easily, payments received and reconciled with the click of a button. Even when the retail arm of the business started, the sales were infrequent enough that raising a Xero invoice manually was suiting the business just fine.

Fast forward just a few months and the business has expanded rapidly. Now with a fully-fledged retail store, warehouse and ever-expanding product range – managing inventory and all the moving parts in the business were getting out of hand. One of the core problems, other than just knowing what was already on hand, was tracking the purchase orders that were already placed so everyone in the business knew what had been ordered and when it was coming.

Secondly, the Tas Rural team needed a way to actually track special orders, orders at the trade show when they visited farming expos interstate and bill of materials were needed to keep track of all the components that were going into various kits and bundled products.

Finally, managing lead times and minimum stock levels on the large and varied product range was a must, and Xero just simply can’t help with this. It also couldn’t help them with managing bin locations, barcodes or point of sale. They needed a system that would work really nicely with how Xero was already set up, but also help them keep track of their stock (and their costs) from purchase all the way through to the sale.

 The Solution

DEAR Inventory was the solution for Tas Rural Supplies. It works seamlessly with a very tight Xero integration and it has the following which was a must for Tas Rural:

    • Purchase Orders with expected delivery dates and lead times on suppliers.
    • Minimum stock levels and low stock alerts.
    • Barcode label generation for products at the product level and when the product arrives.
    • Point of sale for the retail counter and trade shows.
    • Manage multiple warehouses including bin locations.
    • Facilitate regular rolling stocktakes easily.
    • Manage multiple price tiers.

As an extra, Tas Rural’s custom website is able to be connected to DEAR Inventory through the open API. This means that any manual orders that are currently being posted directly into DEAR will be automatically received from the website and in DEAR for processing within an instant.

 Final Thoughts

When it comes to customer service – being able to provide the products to the customers that they need when they need – DEAR has been able to help Tas Rural manage the growing pains it was experiencing and now they are ready to go next level.

If you are a business that needs help managing the growing pains in your business because your stock is in chaos, DEAR Inventory may be the solution for you. It’s not just a great solution to use when starting out, it can grow with you.

Now, there is no “one solution fits all” EVER in this industry, so please don’t get fooled. Feel free to reach out to any of our WhichAddOn staff on the live chat at and book in a free Discovery Call with one of our expert Solution Engineers to assist you to find and successfully implement the right addon for your business today.

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