Unleashed Software is a New Zealand-based software-as-a-service company that provides cloud-based inventory management. They were named as a SaaS company to watch in 2013 and also awarded the Xero add-on partner of the year in 2012.

Unleashed software is an inventory database that is used by both small and medium enterprise as well as large corporations making huge business transactions. This inventory add-on also has sales, shipments, purchasing and production functionalities and is one of the most in-demand inventory solutions worldwide.

WhichAddOn interviewed Unleashed Software Founder Greg Murphy to find out more about the company’s journey so far and plans for the future

Greg Murphy

WAO: Where are you from?

Auckland, New Zealand

WAO: When did you get started?

December 2009

WAO: Who started the company?

Greg Murphy

WAO: How many people were on payroll when you started?


WAO: Where are you now and how many do you employ?

We are Global. We have a growing number of staff – currently around 100 – across four locations. We are used in over 80 countries.

WAO: Why was Unleashed Software created?

The opportunity was identified to solve inventory pain points for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers who were battling with manual spreadsheets or old legacy systems. As cloud-adoption was starting to grow, we identified the SaaS model as the best platform to deliver value to our customers.

Because products matter, we want consumers to be able to access high-quality products and be sure of their provenance (where they come from) and integrity (how sustainable and well meaning they are). Rather than be forced to buy from global omnichannel retailers.

To support our mission, we want to ensure good product businesses can compete by giving them access to software that creates an advantage in their operations; the advantage to better create, operate, grow and compete globally.

WAO: There are so many cloud inventory systems on the market, what makes you different?

I think we are different because we are very clear about being here to solve the broader productivity and growth problems of product businesses – not just being “a cloud inventory solution”.

We can say this because we’ve been around for nine years and have customers who’ve been with us since we started. Because our solution is stable and performs well, we can move on to the higher value opportunities for digital transformation.

WAO: What does Unleashed do differently and why do you stand out from your competitors?

Over the past nine years, we have built a credible record in the market and we continue to invest heavily in product innovation and customer experience. This joint product and customer focus ensures we are clear about how we are – externally and internally – and a strong vision and alignment across our business. Our dedication to providing excellent customer service is reflected in the online customer reviews (for example on the Xero Community and Capterra), and in the awards we have won. We believe we do this better than our competitors.

WAO: What is the best Unleashed feature?

We have so many features that are of huge benefit to lots of customers, it is difficult to give just one. At the moment I’d say it’s close between our serial and batch functionality – supporting full traceability from origin to consumer on not just on distributed, finished products but the components that make up an assembled or manufactured product, and our B2B Portal which enables seamless eCommerce for our customers’ B2B channel without the need for additional software – most of which are geared toward B2C.

WAO: What is the most important thing about cloud software for your customers?

Reliability, availability and progressiveness. Reliability – the data is created once and reused with minimum manual re-handling. Availability – anywhere and anytime – freeing up business operations in an “always on” world. Progressiveness – SaaS means Unleashed constantly evolves as our customers grow.

WAO: What is something your customers are asking for but you haven’t been able to deliver yet?

Many things – our customers are not shy about telling us what more we can be doing. The most requested is an Android Sales App, multi-bin warehouse functionality and reporting improvements.

WAO: What is in the pipeline for Unleashed?

Our new BI and reporting framework is taking a big priority in the pipeline. We think this will be a game changer for our customers; providing deep insights for product businesses to make better operational decisions and to support their overall strategy and transformation.

Also, a move towards digital/paperless warehousing (and getting multi-bin functionality in there too), going deeper into production management capabilities and improvements to the sales processes inside Unleashed – mobile applications, call centre/high touch and B2B – are also on the roadmap.

WAO: What is going to be released next?

Next is Advanced Shipping for our larger customers to integrate their contracted shipping provider with Unleashed and seamlessly print labels, book jobs and track delivery. We also have our Android sales application on its way soon too.

WAO: What do you think will be the next big cloud/SaaS innovation?

We think the use of Big Data and Machine Learning to help find patterns and suggest, predict and plan for the future success of a business using SaaS is next. Enterprise systems are typically better at this, but the best SaaS solutions will offer this capability too.


WAO: Where will Unleashed be in 1, 5 and 10 years?

In a year: Same product and customer focus but increased physical global presence especially with our significant investment in the UK and EMEA regions where we have great product/market fit and where SaaS adoption is relatively immature compared to NZ/AU. Our Australian customers will see greater local focus and our solution is the #1 choice for progressive, growing businesses that make, manage or move products.

In 5 years: We’ll have an in-market team in North America to better serve customers and the opportunities there. We will be the valid alternative to an ERP system for all product businesses at a stronger value proposition.

In 10 years: Wherever our imagination takes us! We will keep focusing on being a “good” business for our team members as we grow and ensure we stay open to the needs of the market and our customers. Good people will figure out that plan when it’s time to!