WhichAddOn from today will start assisting businesses with both Shopify and Neto solutions. Both these solutions act as e-commerce shopfronts in the online world and are powerful tools for many businesses in this day and age. But for those who don’t understand how they work or aren’t that technical, WhichAddOn is here to help.

Both Shopify and Neto offer many similar services, but there’s also quite a bit of difference between the two. Choosing which one is right for your business is a major decision as the one you choose will be the foundation for what your online presence will be built on.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian company offering an e-commerce platform that helps businesses to get online. It was started by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake in 2004 while they were attempting to create an online store selling snowboarding equipment. But in their process of creating their store, they realised that at that time, there just wasn’t a solution that allowed them to do what they wanted to do and in the process of creating their store, they created their own solution, this would later become to be known as Shopify.

Shopify is a platform for those looking to sell products online but don’t necessarily have any coding experience. There are a variety of website themes and templates to choose from for the look of your store. Other features of Shopify include the ability to:

  • Fully customise your online store
  • Add new sales channels in seconds
  • Manage unlimited products and inventory
  • Fulfill orders in a single step
  • Track sales and growth trends
  • Ability to use Shopify in store with its POS system

Biko is an example of an online store created using Shopify

Biko is an example of an online store created using Shopify

What is Neto?

Neto is an Australian business which was started to help businesses integrate in a more efficient way across sales channels. The company’s founder Ryan Murtagh found that when he was growing his business on eBay that there was nothing to link his eBay business to his company website and nothing to link that to his accounting software. So as a solution he built what is known today as Neto. In 2015 Telstra purchased a significant stake in Neto and has provided a strong backing for its growth and the resources for Neto to offer better services for their customers.

Similarly to Shopify, Neto offers its users who may not be too familiar with coding the ability to create an online store and choose a design for their store from a variety of templates they have available. Other features of Neto include the ability to:

  • Link eBay and Amazon marketplaces
  • Integrate Neto in-store with its POS system
  • Create wholesale stores with customer logins and registration forms
  • Fulfil and manage orders and inventory
  • Track sales growth and trends using the Neto retail dashboard

Hoselink is an example of a store created using Neto

Hoselink is an example of a store created using Neto

WhichAddOn is here to help you with both Shopify and Neto setup, training and support when you need it. If interested you can book a free scope call with us here.