See batch and serial tracking in action in DEAR Inventory with expert Xero ecosystem trainer and co-founder of, Jeri Murphy.

What is batch & serial tracking?

Batch and Serial Tracking is the process of tracking a product from purchasing through to sale, maybe with some manufacturing in between. If you need to know at any time where a product has been sold to, used in production or where it is located, you might need batch and serial tracking.

DEAR Inventory enables this through its batch and serial number functionality, including handy Lot Expiry and Lot Recall reports. Yes, DEAR Inventory can handle expiry dates easily too.

Who needs batch and serial tracking?

Batch and serial tracking is a great feature for food manufacturers, wholesalers, medical supplies importers/exporters, electronics retailers and more – anyone who needs to track a product all the way from purchase to production to sale.

How to use batch tracking in DEAR Inventory

Check out the video above which takes you through the process of how to set up products, add a bill of materials, purchase products and make them into new ones in DEAR Inventory using the batch and serial tracking functionality.

Can Xero do batch and serial tracking?

The short answer is no. Xero itself can definitely not handle batch tracking as it doesn’t have production or bill of materials. However. you could stretch Xero a bit for serialisation by creating a different product code for every single serial number. Not ideal and super time consuming, but possible, if you don’t want to pay the approx $2 a day the DEAR Inventory will cost you.

If you want to find out more about DEAR Inventory and Xero, click here.