A good number of entrepreneurs understand how easily poor customer relationship management structures can ruin viable businesses. Having a functioning CRM tool is a priceless investment in the 21st century. And this has over time necessitated the need to develop customized products for this important business process—welcome to Salpo CRM.

Salpo is meant to sit at the heart of your business—forming personalized interactions with your clients. The app ensures information is shared efficiently and internal collaborations are achieved.

The solution is cloud-based and is designed to provide flexibility—ensuring customer workflows and data capturing adequately caters for your business needs.

With a build-in GDPR feature, the app ensures information belonging to its users is treated with the privacy it deserves—in accordance with the 2018 GDPR requirements.

The system can either be used as a standard sales and service tool or can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.


Custom Connections

Salpo database has the ability to flexibly handle a one-to-many connection, products, contacts, and opportunities; plus any other modules to easily interact with each other. The app is able to execute these intricate connections flawlessly.

Contact Management

With Salpo’s on-page editing capability, you can quickly add, view, and update client contact information. It’s also possible to filter contacts using multiple fields to come up with an export list to Emma, Mailchimp, among other tools.

Interestingly, Salpo also allows you to map company structures in your company database to be able to establish any cross-company contact links.

Email Sync

This CRM is configured to copy sent and received emails including files and attachments and conveniently saves them against respective contacts. Phone calls with notes, meeting details, and so on can also be stored to maintain all your valuable data under one platform.

Custom Modules

The customized Salpo modules can capture anything you want it to—this could be projects, travel packages, events, and more.

If, for instance, you’re in the business of wholesaling motorbikes, you can simply create a module named “Motorbikes” and document all the related information such as price, colour, and so on.

The app also allows for the creation of new fields by renaming any standard fields. If, for example, you don’t prefer using the word ‘feature’, you can easily replace it with another word using the built-in Custom Naming Option.

Opportunity Management

With this feature, the sales team can spend more time chasing great business opportunities that boost business revenues. The app allows you to connect pre-loaded products to possible leads. You can include notes and schedule-actionable emails against certain products.

GDPR Compliance

salpo crm: why your business needs it today

The Salpo team understands too well the essence of privacy protection. For this reason, they customized the app to help users to comply with the set regulations. The solution contains a Compliance Assistance Tool that ensures all sections of the GDPR are adhered to including providing a self-serve customer portal to keep you less worried about compliance issues.


Salpo provides your business with a powerful and flexible platform that allows for boundless customization, mind-blowing modules, as well as beneficial third party integrations. If you need a solution that looks, feels, and functions like your business needs it to, then look no further.

Finally, if these features excite you as much as they do us, then you should consider incorporating Salpo in your business operations. We can offer you Salpo user training, product implementation, and long-term support so you can start managing your clientele professionally, efficiently, and conveniently.