TradeGecko is a web-based inventory software platform designed to track supply chains from stocking through to sales and returns. It was created in 2012 which makes the system absolutely new to the online system market but ever since, it has quickly established its name in different parts of the world. This add-on software is suitable for small to medium retailers, wholesalers and distributors who need to keep accurate and up-to-date accounts of its products.


TradeGecko flaunts various features that include inventory and sales management and more. The platform of this software automates time-consuming operations that makes all tasks faster and significantly reduces errors. With the free available add-on, users can also streamline their order processing and it also has an iOS application that features sales and catalogue functionality.

  • Inventory Control and Optimization

This software allows stock levels to be automatically controlled each time a purchase or a sale is made within multiple locations or warehouses. Reorder points are also given highlight for each product or variant whenever it is needed to ensure that the business has the right amount of inventory. In association with Lokad, this add-on offers fully automated demand forecasting and several statistical methods which are vital for all retailers and wholesalers to have accurate corporate forecasts.

  • Multi-Warehousing

Using a single platform, it is very easy to keep track of the movement of stock within different locations or warehouses. Transactions like stock transfer between warehouses are easily managed and TradeGecko has the ability to track relevant warehouses for each product so that costs are accurately charged to the right site.

  • Order Management

TradeGecko increases business efficiency by accurate handling orders and the establishment of workflow from the creation of order to fulfilment. With this software, all sales channels are put through a single central system that automatically creates orders through relevant sales channels. The key highlight of this feature is that sales reports are up-to-date whenever a sale takes place making reports timely and accurate.

  • Wholesale

This add-on gives an organisation of stock data so orders are easily handled with confidence. Some of the tasks that can be done with this feature are the creation and emailing of sales quotes to clients, setting and breaking wholesale prices, sell within multiple currencies, defining payment terms, the creation of sales orders and even the provision of self-service options for customers using the B2B e-commerce add-on.

  • Sales Reports

Access to daily, weekly or monthly sales reports, showing sales value, sales volume, costs, profits and profit margins are easier with Tradegecko. And the setting of different metrics or filters is also possible so many reports are available just when needed with accurate and updated figures.

  • Purchasing

The creation of purchase orders on TradeGecko are fully automated as it immediately uploads to Xero and then approval of bills and making payments can be made from there. The stages in the processing of purchase orders are simplified into three processes specifically Draft to Active to Received. With this, users will have easy access and understanding of the status and process of orders.

  • Order Fulfilment

Whether transacting in greater volumes and lower costing, TradeGecko helps to fulfil orders faster. Professional shipping documents are easily created from creating packing slips to shipping labels directly from sales orders to printing attachments. Record of partial or full shipments also gives accurate data in a timely manner. TradeGecko has integration with ShipStation in which shipments can be made through FedEx, DHL, UPS among other shipping institutions.

  • Accounting

TradeGecko automates invoicing and gains greater visibility over costs and profits. With its multi-currency feature, automatic conversion of different currencies back to the base currency which allows transactions to worldwide business affiliates. Creation of multiple tax types is also supported with this add-on. And with its integration with Xero accounting software, it offers synchronisation between both platforms.


TradeGecko has excellent dashboard features upon opening the software which shows everything a user needs to know online, which shows that the application is tracking in a real-time manner. Getting updated stock numbers and sales margins, plus instant updates to accounting systems is also available provided integration with accounting software is enabled. With all transactions processed in real-time, users and financial managers can make better business decisions.

This software is supported by various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows which are available throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and South Africa.


One of the major advantages of TradeGecko, among other inventory add-on solutions, is its integration with other software is more expansive. Below are some of the currently available integrations of the software to other products:

  • Magento
  • Amazon
  • ShipStation
  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • BigCommerce
  • StarShiplt
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • TG 3PL Exporter
  • TG Mobile Sales App
  • TG Online Ordering


TradeGecko offers a free trial for 14 days where cancellation is allowed at any time and paid subscriptions are quoted with the following categories:

Prices start from $79 per month and can be accessed on their website by starting the free trial (no credit card required).

Lite                              $79 per month billed annually


2 Users

1 e-commerce integration

150 Sales orders

Accounting integrations


Mobile App

Single Warehouse

24/7 email support

Zonal shipping rates

Small Business                $199 per month billed annually

5 Users

2 e-commerce integration

500 Sales orders

Accounting integrations


B2B e-commerce store

Mobile App

Multiple Warehouse

24/7 email support

Setup assistance – 2 hours

User rights – Basic

Batch & expiry tracking

Zonal shipping rates

Customisable reports

Business                        $459 per month billed annually

8 Users

3 e-commerce integration

1500 Sales orders

Accounting integrations


B2B e-commerce store

Mobile App

Multiple Warehouse

24/7 email support

Setup assistance – 4 hours

User rights – Advanced

Batch & expiry tracking

Zonal shipping rates

Customisable reports

Fulfilment by Amazon

Advanced B2B customisation

Account Manager

API Access

Advanced warehousing

Premium            $799 per month billed annually

15 Users

5 e-commerce integration

2500 Sales orders

Setup assistance – 4 hours

Includes everything available with the Business plan with the addition of multiple document themes and multi-language documents

There is also a TradeGecko Pro plan that can be completely customised to suit your business, just contact them for details.

Training and Support

Tradegecko comes with free and comprehensive customer service for all levels of users. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base via email support, live chat and phone support which are all very good features. There are start-up tutorials available on their website which can be a big help for starters.


Although fresh on the market, TradeGecko has established a strong connection to its users because it is a much easier and more intuitive system to use. They also have an excellent support system making it more user-friendly and a better system for businesses of all sizes.