Review and Repair

Review and Repair

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This is a service that has come as a request from you, the customer. We are one of the only intregrators worldwide that only employs accountants for our operations team.

We have a separate IT department to deal with those nasty tech issues. As a result, we not only understand our niche, which is inventory management, but we also understand the accounting that goes behind it.

Review and Repair
Review and Repair

What is “Review and Repair”?

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In a nutshell, it’s an audit/reconciliation of your system.

For those accountants out there, you know how difficult it is. For business owners, it’s pulling at the remainder of your hair, because COGs, SOH, Sales, and Purchases in your Inventory do not match up with your accounting system (Xero, QBO, etc).

Trying to figure it out can be a nightmare, and to be honest, it’s hard for us as well, and we do it every day. But, over time, we have worked out a methodology of checks and balances and know how to sort through the enormous task to get to the end result, a system that matches. We do all the hard reconciliation work and, when complete, we provide recommendations.

Sometimes, clients, then, choose to have us re-implement the entire system, which includes all our workshops, training, cleaning up data (ie product data, customer, etc), and re-configuring the system better, this will all incur an additional charge depending on what services you use.

What Recommendations Would you Make on a Typical Review?

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Typically, we would do the following:

Show all discrepancies and explain how to fix it.
Explain how to avoid making the current mistakes in
the future.
Recommend how to better prepare for month-end.
Deliver training for your operational staff, i.e. sales,
purchasing, finance, etc. (and could include a
training portal at an additional charge)
Suggest best workflow practices.
Review and Repair
Custom API Integration

Can you Provide a Monthly Health Check?

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Yes, of course! This can be incorporated into a
support package. It will include reconciliation for
your systems, a 1-hour meeting to go over the
issues, and a report with recommendations on
how to fix the issues.

Custom API Integration

How Much Would This Cost?

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The initial repair and review is quite time-consuming and can take a lot of time to complete. Sometimes, its
almost a re-implementation and costs can vary from $5,000 – $20,000.

$5,000 – $20,000  Pus Icon The health check will cost $2000 per month with support being included in that duration

Book Free Discovery Call

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Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email
anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our
faithful clients.

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More WhichAddOn Services

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Review and Repair

We help migrate you from your
old system to a new cloud-based system.

API Integration

Connecting two or more different
cloud software solutions, so that
data can be shared autonomously.

Types of Training

We provide onsite, online and
training portals to cover all your

Research Solutions
Research Solutions

We research what the best
solution is for you, and we build a
demonstration to prove it.

Workflow Manuals
Workflow Manuals

Developing custom workflow based
on what you do every day for
cloud-based systems.

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Australia Office

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Give Us a Call

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