OrderHarmony is a cloud-based inventory management software that retailers, B2B and e-commerce companies use to run their sales, inventory control and purchasing operations from one simple yet efficient application. This add-on gives its users a real-time data of all stock and order transactions across multiple locations that help in effective decision making for future stock situations.


Stock Control

This add-on eliminates manual update of the stock spreadsheet as it gives instant and accurate inventory updates whenever a sale or purchase is made. It also automatically creates purchase orders when the stock reaches a certain minimum level which directly links to a supplier. With just one click, instant stock valuations can be generated for stress-free stock updates. In addition, all stock movements are kept with complete details which allow users to easily trace past transactions.

Pick Pack and Ship

With OrderHarmony software, dispatching of orders is more convenient as it caters for part shipments which gives flexibility to sales orders. This add-on allows a user to create and print order sheets for batch shipments and it automatically links to applicable product and the necessary warehouse where the order is located. It also has the ability to print dispatch notes that shows the necessary customer details. It also maintains an updated record for each shipment, which includes status, to avoid double-picking and once orders are delivered, shipped orders get closed automatically in the system.

Product Management

OrderHarmony offers storage of all products in one system that assists with better control of inventory. It allows a user to store product descriptions, selling price, manufacturer and other details in one comprehensive solution and also offers a powerful product search that gives ease in finding products by name, product code, description and other attributes. Multi-currency is also one of the most important features of this add-on as it has the ability to convert into more than 20 currencies. OrderHarmony also has the ability to trace products with missing barcodes.

Customer Management

With OrderHarmony’s online customer management system it helps small business serve its customers better by keeping updated contact details for each customer. It also gives the ability to import existing customer records instantly from spreadsheets. It holds a list of transaction history for every customer including special notes about customer requests. OrderHarmony also allows the creation of multiple addresses for each customer for dispatching of orders to different locations.

Report Management

All stock reports, reorder reports, stock movement logs, stock value reports, sales reports and missing barcodes reports are easily accessible for immediate needs whether for inventory management or decision making. It allows a user to browse the entire stock range and filter by supplier or manufacturer and gives a user the ability to track the movement of each individual item of stock. OrderHarmony also keeps on top of finances by knowing the correct value of the stock currently held.

Order Management

With its online order management feature, it is easy to predict dispatch dates more accurately and easier to know which products are sold in larger volumes. Determination of discount for whole orders or single lines is easier to resolve by a percentage or an amount of the ordered products. Discounts are included in sales reports figures which help in making relevant decisions.

Purchasing Management

Creation of purchase orders assists with the tracking of delivery dates and purchases giving a user information for delayed deliveries. OrderHarmony has an outstanding feature that offers comparative pricing strategies in which it shows which supplier gives flexible rates and discounts, which contributes to the company profits. In addition, every purchase order is recorded permanently for auditing and traceability. With the use of archive purchase orders, it shows details, delivery address, supplier’s reference number, the price and quantity of every delivery.


Customising emails, print-outs, logo, documents, users are available on this platform. With this feature, it allows the changing of contents of delivery notes, pick sheets, sales orders, invoices, POs and pick sheet summaries. It is also possible to control who has access to the add-on account with user permission levels.


Xero Integration

Inventory control with OrderHarmony with the integration of Xero accounting software gives convenience and efficiency as it allows importation and exportation of data and various reports to monitor cash flow real-time. With Xero, all operational needs like invoicing, bills payment, VAT returns and reporting are more convenient.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is the ultimate e-commerce platform for selling products and for wholesalers, this integration helps them save time and manage their transactions in a more convenient manner. In addition, you can use Shopify’s point of sale for a retail outlet or trade fair.

Amazon Integration

With the integration between OrderHarmony and Amazon, you can have automatic uploads of Amazon orders to this add-on and instant creation of customer records and immediate update of stock levels.


Basic Plan is designed for small wholesalers & e-commerce self-service businesses which costs $31 per user per month. It includes the following features:

  • Maximum of 3 users
  • Email Support
  • 1 Warehouse
  • 10,000 SKUs
  • E-commerce Integration (Shopify) for an additional $82 per store per month
  • Accounting Integration (Xero) for an additional $8 per month

Wholesaler Plan is designed for growing wholesaler premium support & businesses who forecast unlimited growth which costs $48 per user per month. It includes the following features:

  • Maximum of 3 users
  • Email Support
  • Maximum of 10 Warehouses
  • 50,000 SKUs
  • E-commerce Integration (Shopify) for an additional $82 per store per month
  • Accounting Integration (Xero)

Training and Support

Orderharmony is one of those software companies that have an excellent support team. They offer on-site training, web-based training and set-up services for a certain fee. For assistance and support, email can be sent directly and their amazing support team will be in contact shortly after sending a message.


The add-on is a well-structured stock management solution, which is designed for companies with many stock keeping units and multiple warehouses. Also, the multi-currency option it gives flexibility to most businesses. They also have a great support team which is a plus.

The only downside of OrderHarmony is its limited integration as businesses usually look toward the ability of a software to connect to various accounting and eCommerce platforms.