Entryless is a paperless solution created to take on the role of accounts payable. It is the first solution of this kind that I have reviewed, and it is surprisingly quite good at it. I do not need to repeat how much data entry and therefore time can be saved.


The Entryless interface is very easy to understand, and the dashboard is not cluttered and straight to the point. Outlining and bringing to your attention all the main tasks that need to be actioned.

review: entryless, making life easier!

Inputting methods

As with all the paperless solutions, you have a number of different ways of inputting your invoices, and bills into the Addon.

With Entryless you have all the normal options, scans, email forwarding, uploading via an application and so forth. With the free version of the software, the main OTR software can take anywhere up to 8 hours to capture the document in its entirety. With the premium(paid) this process is accelerated dramatically.

How it works

Basically, Entryless works by you scanning and uploading your bills, the add-on then OTR’s the document and picks up the supplier name, date, invoice number and the amount.

Entryless then forces you to review and approve the documents, at this stage, you get to allocate the expense to the correct general ledger code in QuickBooks or Xero.

If it is a recurring bill, Entryless will pre-populate the expense field for you and all you have to do is approve the bill by selecting and clicking approve.

Once you approve the document, you can sync the document with your respective accounting package, whether it be QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho books or MYOB.

Standout feature

Entryless comes into its own with its search engine, from all the paperless solutions I have reviewed so far, it is really precise. You can type in the exact amount on an invoice and it will find it, or at least every page with that same amount.

This is really useful when you are trying to find an old or obscure bill from a few years back. I remember having to search through dusty archives trying to locate an invoice for an insurance claim, and spending half a day and getting nothing for my wheezing efforts.


Two plans

FOREVER FREE – includes up to 300 bills automated per company/per month

A premium plan at $29.99 per company/month

The above includes:

Unlimited users

Role Based Access

Email support every day

Dedicated inbox for bill reception

Training on demand

Integration with Quickbooks/Xero/Freshbooks

Dedicated Account Manager

Bill Storage and Bill flow approvals

IRS Accepted online storage

Final thoughts

Entryless is not a complex solution and doesn’t have a myriad of features, but the features it does have lends itself to the task at hand, which is to make your job in accounts payable, drastically easier. This solution is not as complete as the debtor management software reviewed earlier this month, but it goes a long way in saving large chunks of your time.

As we all know, time is money, I estimate in a small to medium size business, Entryless could save you about 10 hours a week, an average Accounts Payable staff member is on $25 per hour, plus super, workers compensation, etc. You do the math, on how much you could save, the $29.00 becomes a no-brainer when you look at it like that.

It is worth noting though that the interface is quite dated, and the OTR process is quite slow, but considering you get 300 bills scanned and filed a month for FREE, you can’t really complain.

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