In the next few weeks, we will be focusing on two areas that are quite interrelated and that is debtor management and payment services.

It is a vertical that features a lot of add-ons (36 to be exact) in the Xero ecosystem and we will be taking the time to research all the add-ons and give you a realistic appraisal of the features they have, the actual commercial use from an end user perspective and how they can really benefit your organisation.

The Xero add-ons for debtor management and payment services that we will be reviewing are in the table below.

 11797_20150827_022931903 Ozforex OzForex offers competitive exchange rates on a wide range of currencies and a speedy transfer service. And with OzForex’s integration to Xero, small businesses can enjoy a fast, secure money transfer service that’s even simpler to use.
 9811_20151020_055027460 Square Run your business with the point of sale that’s simple, powerful and free. Compatible with Apple and Android devices.
 10361_20150305_061550033 eWAY Get set up and accepting online invoice payments with eWAY in as little as 4 days. Receive credit card payments in real time and smash receivables.
 6949_20141208_071010967 Checkeeper Save cheques. Print cheques. Connect to Xero, find a bill to pay and print a cheque or have Checkeeper mail them for you.
 7301_20150827_062706700 InvoiceSherpa Automatic invoice reminders, recurring payments, late fees, and a customer portal to keep your cash flow positive and your debtors down. Stop chasing debtors and start getting paid!
 14202_20151020_101237070 PayPal PayPal is a safe, easy way to pay and get paid online. You can accept credit card payments and automatically view and reconcile transactions within Xero.
 9990_20150304_061921823 Chargify Chargify simplifies managing a subscription business that collects recurring revenue. Seamlessly export Chargify transactional data into Xero.
 6956_20150107_011550927 Pin Payments Pin Payments allows you to accept credit card payments in local or foreign currencies, no gateway or merchant account required.
 8491_20140719_043715843 DPS Payment Express Have Xero online invoices paid instantly with real-time credit card payment and reconciliation. Customised with your branding, hosted securely by DPS.
 11652_20150924_100113273 Acuity Scheduling Automate your client bookings, reminders & payments with one click using the world’s sleekest online scheduling software.
 5331_20140818_020208593 Transfer Mate Save time and money on your international foreign currency payments. TransferMate offers better exchange rates & lower fees than using the bank.
 10900_20150514_080435183 PennyPipe Automatically creates new bank transactions in Xero when new charges and refunds occur in Stripe. We’ll separate the fee automatically.
 11681_20150810_075704267 (1) Pay Right Away Pay RIGHT AWAY is a new mobile payment solution that offers you the best way to improve your businesses’ cash flow as well as save time and money!
 10775_20150720_011205463 Connect your Stripe or PayPal payment gateway with your Xero account to automatically create charges, fees and to feed your online bills into your Xero account.
 12235_20150828_041919590 Promptly Get paid faster with easy prompt payment discounts on your Xero invoices. Incentivise customers to pay on time, improve cash flow and save time.
 7228_20140717_112833730 POLi Payments POLi enables your customers to pay via their internet banking. Populates the payment details and updates Xero as soon as the payment is complete.
 7531_20141126_104127327 Authorise.Net Helping over 400,000 merchants accept payments safely, offering value-adding products, free support, free fraud tools and a free website seal.
 9744_20141210_073937830 CheckVault Take control of your cash flow with CheckVault’s unique quoting system that offers your clients easy escrow payment options.
 13144_20150929_083039527 IntegraPay Get paid faster with IntegraPay! Accept credit card, bank account & recurring Direct Debit, straight from the invoice, reconciled automatically.
 8696_20140811_031858727 Ezidebit Add a pay now button to your invoice and auto-reconcile the payments. Because every business deserves to be paid on time, in the simplest way possible.
 10173_20150219_073149807 uCollect Automate your invoice collection with Direct Debits, eCheck and Credit Card Charges. Use Stripe, SEPA, EziDebit, ABA file, NZ banks and more.
 9999_20150409_024649877 Kwanji Save up to 95% on international payments fees. Kwanji gives access to the best deals from multiple forex brokers. Easily pay and reconcile invoices generated in Xero.
 Print Midpoint Save money on international payments and always receive the mid-market rate. Pay and reconcile invoices generated in Xero with ease!
 debtordaddy Debtor Daddy Simple, set and forget credit control for small businesses. Stop wasting your valuable time and money chasing debtors, take control of your cash today.
 8989_20140917_111747107 Chaser Easy automatic debtor chasing to get invoices paid on time. Customise polite, persistent credit control emails to reflect what you would do manually.
 9484_20150505_093006297 Satago Clever credit control software, powered by Experian, that automates the chasing of debtors and warns you about the credit risk of your customers.
 6685_20140904_040059870 XO Cashflow Streamlines the process of sending overdue invoice reminders to your debtors to help you receive payments faster.
 11052_20150605_041127247 CreditWatch Perform credit checks on new customers, receive email alerts when customers get into financial difficulty and access debt collection tools.
 10972_20150924_100256110 Mentio Prioritised tasks on your smartphone to improve your business based on your unique financial data. Track KPIs, simple set-up and free trial.
 6799_20140820_043349293 Debtograph Debtograph is the fun way to see who owes you money. It turns the debtors in your Xero accounts into big, bold pictures. Use it every day. It’s free.
 9510_20150402_024856457 ezyCollect Stressed chasing your late paying customers? ezyCollect helps you to automate your current manual process so that you get paid faster. Get started for free.
 9728_20150812_062858923 FG Receivables Manager Manage receivables with simple clicks. Spend less time tracking down your customers & more time finding new ones. Reduce delinquent invoices by 70%
 11688_20150903_065659590 Late Fee Manager Get paid for the money you lend. Auto-send payment reminders. Plus you can now profit by charging service, interest or late fees.
 12235_20150828_041919590 Promptly Get paid faster with easy prompt payment discounts on your Xero invoices. Incentivise customers to pay on time, improve cash flow, and save time.
 6249_20150724_034727993 SMS My Debtors Send a friendly SMS reminder a couple of days before an invoice is due & follow up if overdue. Don’t let your invoices get lost in email.
 8980_20141029_030018690 Vision6 Grow your business with Email, SMS and Social marketing. Quickly automate Xero debtor reminders and send beautiful newsletters and promotions – Start Free
 7324_20140717_114042420 IODM IODM provides a workflow to automate the entire AR cycle, helping you monitor and collect receivables, improve cash flow and reduce time & cost.

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