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Dear Inventory is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, non-profits and public administrations that deal with product inventory and distribution. Businesses that are most interested in this add-on are those in retail and wholesale, since these organizations deal largely in inventory management. Small personal businesses also gravitate toward Dear Inventory, with its integration with Xero, QuickBooks, eBay, Magento, and Shopify making it great for those who rely on shopping applications. Manufacturing companies and ecommerce operators also enjoy Dear Inventory’s reasonable service. In addition, the company attracts a large number of franchise chains who are looking for a way to manage multiple stores using one crossing point. The software covers the entire business process in managing inventories.

Using this system, companies can reduce manpower without sacrificing efficiency that provides continued access to financial information for business managers. The platform offers tools for monotonous tasks like checking stocks, invoicing, supervision of multiple sales channels, tracking orders and costs. Dear systems can also be configured to automatically generate a purchase order for new inventory once a product reaches low-stock levels which are a very vital feature for inventory software.



Dear inventory systems provide features that give more information needed to manage costs and maximize profitability.

  • Purchasing

It maintains records for entire supplier transaction history with accurate costs for each contract which allows users to create the right pricing strategy for different products. It also offers ease of processing of invoices, credit notes, journals in recording for accurate landing cost for every purchase. With this, Dear gives enables a business to give beneficial assessment especially when making decisions for certain suppliers.

  • Barcode Scanning

With the bar code scanning feature, it is efficient when receiving and selling of inventory in the warehouse to ensure that correct inventory account is selected every time a purchase or sale is made.

  • Comprehensive Sales Process

Management of sales channels are more efficient with Dear as it gives flexible functionality that allows split order or shipment for each sale made. It is also easier to track customer orders from quotes to shipments with its centralized order tracking feature which takes control of all orders and gives updated status to avoid problems in delivering high-quality products and services.

  • POS Integration

Dear’s integration with POS systems ensures that any sale made through any retail location is reflected in the inventory account and relevant transactions and documents are generated automatically to cater for different accounting requirements.

  • Manufacturing Features

Dear systems solutions gives comprehensive management of manufacturing accounts from raw materials, labour and overhead accounts to finished goods inventory. It helps a business formulate accurate pricing strategies for each product and ensure that the business never operates at a loss.

  • Multi-Warehouse Management

Dear gives the ability to create unlimited number of locations with comprehensive management of stock transfers.

  • Integration with Online Shop

This is the main reason why this add-on is very in-demand with freelance sellers and SMEs as it offers loading product transactions directly from online shops.

  • Beneficial to Accounting and Finance Aspect

With the integration of Dear to several accounting software, it gives organized synchronization of relevant accounting entries for all invoices, payments, credit notes and journals. This add-on also offers real-time management of inventory that ensures up-to-date financial reports with the powerful reporting module whenever the management needed them for vital decision making.

  • E-commerce and Shipment

Dear’s greatest feature so far is its complete automation and holistic integration that helps streamline inventory management.



Dear system’s dashboard is comprehensive enough even for new users with the straightforward features. This cloud based add-on supports various devices like Linux, Mac, Windows, web-based and Windows phones and is available to leading countries all over Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA.



Dear solutions has established integration not only with various accounting solution companies but also with different e-Commerce platforms and shipping companies. As of the moment, they are integrated with the following:

  • Accounting: Xero and Quickbooks
  • eCommerce: Magento, eBay, WooCommerce, Neto, Etsy, BigCommerce, Shopify and Amazon
  • Shipping: ShipStation



With $50 per month you get two months free for annual subscription.  It is inclusive of one user and additional users can be purchased with $25 for extra user per month.

Basic plan features include:

Regular application updates

Full email technical support

Unrestricted Access

Unlimited Customers

Unlimited Document Templates

Unlimited Suppliers

Unlimited Orders

Unlimited Locations

Unlimited Shopify Shops

Multiple Currencies

10 Sales Price Tiers

1 Ship Integration

2000 Products

1 magento and 1 eBay Shop

No software installation


Special rates can be negotiated for higher number of SKUs and may vary depending on the condition and data source.


Training and Support

Dear support program is very vast as comprehensive topics can be accessed through their website with substantial discussion on essential topics related to all areas covered in the software itself. There are also available FAQs which gives users the ability to check on when encountering various issues anytime of the day through their website. Users may also submit tickets for feature requests and complex inquiries via email or through their ticket support in the web. Various community forums and webinars are also available option through the website.

In addition, the company also offers trainings which include priority support and implementation guide for new clients for free. Their live representative is also available 24/7 that makes them contactable any time of the day.


Managing inventory information updates on various sales channels may become difficult as product list grows, and that is why Dear systems solutions is committed to help every business with easy update and management of inventory and eliminating the errors that may occur. Dear inventory solutions have fuelled the playing ground for small and medium enterprises allowing them to compete with much larger businesses. Whether a business is growing hundreds or thousands of products each month, this add-on offers a back end solution that can help businesses manage daily operations affordably. It has also established an efficient support offered for free which gives the software more preference to many users.

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