CIN7 Review

In this CIN7 review, we will endeavour to give you an in-depth idea about Cin7. Cin7 is a web-based inventory solution and Point of Sale software. It is an affiliate of the company Datum Connect that has over ten years of experience and a proven track record in the e-commerce industry. This add-on inventory management solution is designed for multiple channels whether online or offline for warehouse and wholesale industries and legal entities which manages Omni-channels, retail POS, B2B Wholesale, Warehouse management, e-commerce and other industries.


Inventory Management

  • With Cin7, it is much easier to manage inventory in multiple channels, different industries and legal entities within a few clicks. And with the association of the system to Magento and Shopify along with Cin7’s own POS and B2B website, all stock is being synced centrally from Cin7 through significant e-commerce and retail selling channels.
  • Cin7 is a multi-channel inventory add-on that accurately tracks stock in multiple locations under a single software account using serial and batch tracer. Products are grouped based on preferred supplier, allowing for seamless reordering of stock and the creation of purchase orders is automatic when the stock reaches a certain minimum level.

Point of Sale

  • Managing a retail store is easier with Cin7’s cloud POS system which provides intuitive and accurate data. Cin7 also has an enterprise class inventory system which centrally controls stock between multiple sale channels, third party e-commerce and Cin7’s B2B program.
  • This add-on’s flexibility to build reports by dragging variables in and out and filtering on specific variables, allows a user to drill down as deep as needed.
  • And the system can work both online and offline. With the software’s offline technology, it ensures that the POS system works fast and allows a user the ability to work offline for more than 24 hours. Once it goes online, all the orders are automatically updated into the Cin7 system along with the latest product, stock and customer information.

Warehouse Management

  • Creating branches, warehouses and retail stores is as easy as creating a new contact and it also allows picking orders within different locations as soon as they are entered in the system.  This feature also works with mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners.
  • Stock can be placed in a holding status with ease. This will reserve the stock during a changeover or flag stock to a certain status.
  • Printing of barcodes directly from purchase orders or a batch of products to select another branch with stock in between showrooms where there’s a situation that a particular branch does not have sufficient stock.

Wholesale B2B

  • With Cin7’s powerful backend, it has the ability to customize fields, change price columns, provide alerts for account credit limit, and much more.
  • Cin7 offers a secure online B2B ordering site where wholesale customers can log in to view their inventory and easily create orders or reorder based on previous purchases.
  • This add-on feature also has comprehensive landed cost functionality, the capability to sell and purchase in multiple currencies and pre-orders consolidation which can be consolidated into a one-click smart report.
  • It gives a user the ability to create unique customer pricing and allocation of specific products to loyal customers which will appear upon login to their B2B account. It also sets a certain percentage or set price discounts per product at a customer level.

Forecasting & Reporting

  • Cin7 has various forecasting reports which automatically calculate average sales and incorporates the latest stock figures. It drills down to as much detail required giving a user a detailed overview on any report.
  • With the add-on’s Smart Reports feature, it can create purchase orders, sales orders, production jobs and other documents using the data in the reports.


Just like other inventory add-on solution, Cin7 integrates with various accounting software packages like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Shopify and Magento to provide ease of management of different business operations.

Cin7’s association with the QB Online and Xero software offers important benefits such as the following:

  • keeping QB or Xero stock value updated on a daily basis with just a few simple clicks
  • exporting data from Cin7 to QB or Xero eliminates double entry of documents and customer information
  • real-time syncing of invoice status with just a single click
  • easy download of locations and tax rates from QB or Xero to Cin7
  • email invoices directly from Cin7
  • comprehend accurate landing costs and other reports

Cin7’s association with the Shopify and Magento software offers important benefits such as the following:

  • easy download of orders, new members and auto dispatch from Cin7
  • update of Shopify or Magento stock in a timely manner upon dispatching of orders
  • update and insertion of new products, including a seamless update of Shopify or Magento products with variations are easier
  • update stock levels from all branches or selected branches only


Starting from $299 per month, a business can customize a plan depending on its needs for the number of full and basic users.

Full Users has permission/access to the following:

Purchase Orders
Smart Buyer
Sale Orders
Credit Notes
Batch Transfers
Supplier Credit Notes
Production Jobs


Point of Sale
POS order List
POS Returns
POS Laybys
POS Quotes
POS Transfers
Close Register
POS Reports
Pick n Pack
Real-Time Stock
Mobile Stocktake
Stocktake Modules
Stock Adjustments
Branch Transfers- Full Access
Track Stock Movement


Payment Reconciliation
Xero or QB Partner
Shopify or Magento Partner
Access to Web Central


On the other hand, basic users have restricted access which includes the following only:

Inventory Point of Sale
CRM POS order List
Products – Read Only POS Returns
Purchase Orders – Limited Access POS Laybys
Smart Buyer POS Quotes
Sale Orders POS CRM
Quotes POS Transfers
Credit Notes Close Register
Pre-Orders POS Reports
Batch Transfers
Warehouse Accounts
Pick n Pack Shopify or Magento Partner
Real-Time Stock
Mobile Stocktake
Stocktake Modules


Training and Support

For Cin7’s training and support, their website offers various Getting Started topics which consist of an 8-step guide for users. There are also support articles in which frequently asked questions can be found. They also have the Cin7 Gym, wherein there are available workouts on inventory basics and instructions on learning how to work on the system.


CIN7 is one of the most powerful online inventory solutions reviews up to date and is more than capable of performing at the highest level. With features that are normally seen in high-end ERP systems, CIN7 shines in many areas. Most notably its advanced inventory/pricing matrix, B2B interface, built in POS and powerful reporting. CIN7 also has a very powerful integration with Xero, providing one of the truest accounting correct solutions in the market.

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