reduce fulfillment time by up to 40 per cent?

The business lifecycle

A new business typically starts out on spreadsheets and a website. It then graduates to accounting software, and if they’re shipping products, the fulfillment area of their business is often the next port of call when it comes to automation and saving.  This might typically be when the number of orders hits above 10 orders per day, but can vary from business to business.


Graduating to a fulfillment solution

Here at WhichAddOn we find a lot of clients who are already using a fulfillment solution, or who might be looking for one. It’s not surprising that fulfillment solutions are growing. StartShipIt estimates that more than 55% of customers are using multiple channels such as online and mobile to shop, yet over 40% of retailers describe fulfillment costs as a major challenge impacting their business.


International shipping

An increasing number of businesses are doing business internationally. One of the biggest struggles for retailers when shipping internationally is the amount of paperwork required. Shipping is not just about courier labels, especially when it comes to international shipping. Customs require information about the contents and value of orders as well, often in the form of a signed declaration.

With StarShipIT and DHL Express for example you can simplify the process with an electronic lodgement of the customs declaration, leaving just the label to be printed. If all the information is imported from your eCommerce platform (eg Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce) then this can become a fully automated process saving countless hours on laborious paperwork.


Improved service

You can also improve customer service. StarshipIt recommends using branded tracking pages and shipping notifications to engage and upsell to your customers. Furthermore, you can update your customers automatically with email and text notifications throughout their order’s journey. This of course reduces calls and emails to your customer support team.

There are several different shipping platforms available so ensure that the integration you select plays nicely with your eCommerce platform as well as your preferred couriers.  StarShipIT integrates with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce to name a few as well as the largest range of Australasian couriers, with a dedicated team providing one to one support throughout the on-boarding process.


Next steps: managing Inventory

Whether you are about to use a fulfillment solution, or are already using one, you may also be thinking about tracking your stock using a Inventory Management solution such as Cin7, DEAR Inventory, Tradegecko, or Unleashed.


Need help?

Are you, or one of your clients confused and not sure what next step to take? Feel free to book in a free scope call with us right here. We can listen to your requirements and help you navigate the landscape of the add-on marketplace.