ProfitSee - Interview with David Frederikson

ProfitSee – Interview with David Fredrikson

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Jeri Murphy, interviews David Fredrikson of Profit See one of the longest standing Addons in the reporting vertical.

ProfitSee works online as well as offline with popular software such as Quick Books, Xero and even importing CSV’s from an offline solution.

We will be following the same format as all our interviews.

1. A Small introduction of ProfitSee
2. What industries the ProfitSeeServes
3. What other software does the ProfitSee integrate with
4. Core points of difference
5. Top Features of ProfitSee
6. Three new features in development
7. Where do you see ProfitSee in the next 3 years

Followed by a demonstration of ProfitSee

1. Summary demo
2. Typical everyday workflow
3. Advanced features

Check out ProfitSee at the following address

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