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SuperFeast just got Super Advanced!

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Powerful Tonic Herbs To Elevate Mind, Body & Spirit

Superfeast is a beautiful company established in 2011 by Tahnee & Mason who have always been passionate about helping people to know and understand how the herbs & mushroom’s medicinal magic work and how it can be used to help cultivate the radiant health and vibrancy within the body, mind, and spirit.

They sell ancient tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, run bi-weekly podcasts, give out free recipes, run some events for a cause & even established their own academy.

 The Problem

Superfeast hit its stride around 2016 and has been growing really quickly ever since.Their inventory literally started from a garage, to a friend’s rental house, all the way to having their own warehouse now in a beautiful food hub in Mullumbimby. Along with their fast growth, inventory & cash flow management turned out to be a huge issue for them.

Tahnee has a background in running some small businesses like cafes and restaurants. She has an idea of managing staff and managing things like budgets. However, having a business that manufactures a product is a whole new ball game, and has been a big challenge and a huge learning curve for her. That’s the reason why they decided to reach out to WhichAddOn. They really needed support and education that they couldn’t find elsewhere. “It’s not something they really teach you at business school or any of that kind of thing,” Tahnee mentioned.

For a fast-growing business, you’ve got all of the normal day-to-day stuff happening and then you’ve got this brand new system that really needs to be able to look at every single thing that’s coming in and out of your warehouse, all of your sales, all of that kind of stuff. It needs to be intelligent enough to know what goes together.

 The Solution

Working with WhichAddOn, Tahnee & Mason saw just how quickly it can be done once someone actually articulates to you what you actually do, then they can show you how to best make the program work for you. It just becomes really quick knowing that WhichAddOn worked for so many different types of businesses before. You need someone who can come in and go for your type of business, to teach you and help you know the different kinds of things you need to be able to do, how to do it, how to teach everything to your team instead of doing it on your own which will take some years of your life in learning and trying to understand all of the things that are needed in building the best system for your fast-growing company.

Tahnee mentioned that when Jeri came to visit them, it was just fantastic. In two days they got more stuff done than what they actually did in two years. She felt like the team had more confidence and she even had more confidence in leading them to actually execute and implement all the things they needed to do which was to have better control of their stock, to be able to have better management of their cash flow, and ultimately, to actually be able to know what was coming in and out of the business.You can view their actual video testimonial by clicking here.


Expanding your business has never been easier…

“Before I met WhichAddOn, I was really scared of expanding. It just felt like there was no way we could do it. I think WhichAddOn helped a lot not just in planning & executing the best systems for the business but they also helped us to build confidence and made us trust in our own capacities and step up into management roles. One example is my warehouse manager, I feel like it’s gone to the next level of his role which has been really cool to watch. With the use of the powerful technology that has been implemented for us & the training we received, he’s feeling a lot more capable of coming to me with solutions and gives me answers to questions even before I even have them, which I think is just such a liberating feeling as a business owner.” Tahnee said.

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