Part 8 – Employment Hero


With growth, every organisation goes through the same issue, staff and managing them. UC was no different, starting from the garage of the owner, his wife and three boys. To branches in three states, and almost 40 staff and growing.

In my years of consulting, one of the biggest downfalls of family-run businesses is growth and specifically managing human resources. The owner is a very technically proficient individual, who has good business sense, and a great understanding of the products he offers for sale. However, when it comes to communication and leading his workers, sadly he wouldn’t know there was a problem if it were to slap him in the face.

Key Issues

This lead to multiple problems:

  1. Demotivated staff.
  2. Poor performance in all aspects, whether its sales, warehouse and to some degree administration.

In a management meeting, it was decided the best way to start motivating staff again is to offer an incentive/bonus structure. But to achieve this, a performance appraisal system needed to be implemented (360-degree review).

Currently used was an HR subscription service and the company accountant wore two hats and one was as the HR officer.

Employment Hero

To complete all the required tasks it was decided to use Employment Hero, a complete HR and payroll solution that covered all the major requirements. Employment Hero offered the following features that really helped raise the standard of service delivery by UC for all staff as well as protecting the companies own interests legally.

Employment Hero was created originally by a group of lawyers and is still run in such a way.

The key features that have come to be invaluable are:

  • Onboarding – Paperless onboarding with contracts, policies and induction content, and capture new hire information.
  • HR Documents – Contracts and policies, written and maintained by leading employment lawyers, ensuring businesses remain compliant.
  • Time & Attendance – Timesheets entered by employees, then sent to the appropriate manager for submission and approval.
  • Work Health & Safety – Identify risks & develop mitigation strategies. Keep track of all accidents and incidents in one centralized place.
  • Payroll – Outsourced payroll to ensure that pay is always accurate, on time and inclusive of award interpretations.
  • Performance Appraisal – Set, track and align company objectives with employee goals. Provide ongoing feedback, track metrics and results for appraisals.
  • Reporting – Gain insight into your organisational status, performance and resource requirements, updated in real time.
  • Employee Self Service – Increase self-sufficiency and reduce double handling by enabling staff to update personal details & submit leave requests.


Pricing is according to all the features required, in UC’s case pricing came to approximately $5000 annually. Considering the HR subscription comes to $7,240 annually it’s a substantial saving.


With the prior service, everything was emailed in excel formats as templates and you are required to work out the rest. Often the templates are quite basic and require a lot of work on, and then the offline delivery is much harder to implement than the online delivery of employment hero.

With Employment Hero it is all cloud-based and automated, as with everything you need to fill out targets/goals and create the rules, but once created it can be used seamlessly.

Employees can log in and fill out appraisals, check annual leave and leave feedback for the organisation. These simple but very effective tools are great services for employees and perceived as a real value-add that’s beneficial for both the organisation and the employee.

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