KeyPay is an online payroll application that allows users to automate manual payroll processes and compliance checks. The platform boasts features such as Single-point pay reporting, Time log recording, Rostering, and more.

In the month of November, KeyPay released some interesting updates that we thought might be helpful to you.

Let’s briefly look at the updates.

Update#1: Multi-hire Arrangements

It is not surprising to see employees hold more than one position in the same company. In the recent past, the trend is especially becoming more common with part-time employees.

Questions have always been raised regarding the treatment of the two sources of income for an employee who holds two positions in the same company.

An Australian court set precedence when it ruled that such an individual’s income needs to be evaluated separately.

So, whether or not someone holds two more jobs in the same company, businesses are required to prepare two separate payments for such an employee.

Thankfully, KeyPay has now been updated to help you comply with such statutory requirements.

Update#2: Organizing Your Technology Functionality

Integrating your business applications is very important in this age of cloud accounting.
Businesses should consider using applications that integrate to enhance seamless information exchange. For instance, if you’re using Xero as your accounting application, it is only prudent for you to use a payroll that integrates with it.

This will reduce the amount of time spent transferring data manually from one system to another. KeyPay integrates with most business solutions. However, try as much as possible to
engage a specialist to guide you on the best business solutions to use in your niche as well as how to organize the solutions. In the webinar below, some industry experts give their insights on streamlining your business tech: Click here to watch on how to Streamline your tech stack to increase your value as an Advisor.

Update#3: Shift Bidding Functionality

Shift bidding involves assigning an open shift to a group of staff members and the first one to pick it (bid) gets to be allocated the job.

So, when you’re building a roaster and you happen to have open shifts, you don’t need to randomly allocate shifts and hope that the work will be done.

This new feature allows employees to pick shifts on a first-in and best-dressed basis. This way, staffs who need extra shifts can easily bid for them using the set criteria and ultimately, the business gets the work done by the most qualified employee.

The process of shift bidding is quite straightforward.

In order to enable Shift bidding, select Enable shift bidding by selecting Payroll Settings – Rostering.

Please note that once you select the Rostering option you will be prompt to select many options as per
your preference in relation to manager permissions, rostering budget, employee permission, etc.


The person in charge of creating and allocating shifts will be required to create a new unassigned shift, fill in the shift details in the system (start/finish time, breaks, qualifications, etc,) select the option for bidding for the shifts, and then send it over to the group of employees you wish to receive bids from.

4 shift bidding5shift bidding

Once the shift is saved/published it will be saved against all bidding employees in the roster.

6.1 save

Employees will be sent notifications as per their rostering notification setting. Regardless of rostering permission setting, a bidding employee will be given the right to accept
or decline the shift. This enables the roster to be updated in real time and the manager to know the true status of the roster.

Employees can react to bidding shifts through the employee portal, work zone or the notification link. 

7.11 shift

If an employee rejects a bidding shift it will no longer be allocated to the employee in the roster. On the other hand, if the employee accepts it will be converted to a normal shift & it will no longer be allocated to other employees in the roster.

In Conclusion, we hope you found these updates helpful. If you encounter any technicalities in implementing or wrapping your head around any of them, you can engage us today for specialized guidance on business solutions.