This week another new add-on has joined the Xero ecosystem, please welcome, Taxify.

Taxify is a new Xero add-on that assists US Xero users by enabling filing of sales tax returns automatically in every state, easily track sales tax liabilities on the balance sheet and reconcile payments.

Start a free 30-day trial here. No credit card required.

Now being Australian certified Xero advisors and trainers, we don’t really understand the US tax system and how it works in Xero, so let me share the key feature set Taxify outlines about their New Xero integration from their website:

  • Automate Filing in Every Jurisdiction
  • Manage Multiple Channels in One Location
  • Reconcile Tax Payments Automatically
  • Track Tax Liability on Your Balance Sheet
  • Automated Remittance
  • Calculate Accurate Tax on Dozens of Channels

Learn more about Taxify and it’s Xero integration here.

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