Don’t ask me why but whenever I am making an announcement of some kind and I go to pick a picture to put with it, it often ends up being an animal photo I choose. 🙂

Today’s blog is about new releases we have come across in the past few weeks across the Xero ecosystem. We’d love to say that we have them all, however, unfortunately not all the add-ons pass on their latest releases to us (and sometimes not even their customers)… so we will pass on what we have found and that’s better than nothing, right?

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New Releases in the Inventory Vertical

  • Unleashed – Serial Number Track update – watch the video here
  • DEAR Inventory – DEAR recently had some updates to their Reporting module but I can’t find a link to it… might have to write one during the week 🙂

New Releases in the Retail Vertical

  • Vend – so much has changed recently I can’t share it all! Check out What’s New here
  • Vend – worthy of its own post… check out the improvements to the Vend and Xero integration here – the best bit – Cost of Goods Sold flows from Vend to Xero

New Releases in the Trades Vertical

  • Nothing new that we can find.

New Releases in the Reporting Vertical

  • Float – absolutely loving their new 4-minute tutorials to teach you how to use Float for free – here’s one on Plan Your Next Payment Run

New Releases in the People Management Vertical

  • Deputy – Released Shift Trading / Shift Swap available on the iPhone back in January – check it out here

New Releases in the Property Management Vertical

  • Nothing new that we can find.

New Releases in the Job Management Vertical

  • WorkflowMaxHow to work more efficiently with WorkflowMax for iOS when you’re on the go – read the blog here

New Releases in the Payment Services Vertical

  • Tyro – Get mobile with a fee-free business account – read the blog here

New Releases from Xero

  • Xero Me employee dashboard (AU, NZ, UK, US) – get the basics of Xero Me here
  • Automatic Enrolment for Workplace Pensions (UK) – read the blog here
  • Full Release notes from 17 February here

New Releases from QuickBooks Online

  • New Quickbooks Online Mobile App for iOs and Android – read the blog here

Hope you enjoyed this week’s article on the latest releases in the Add-on World. If you have any further updates that we haven’t shared, please let us know via our contact form here and we will be sure to share them next week.

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