If you’re a fan of Deputy, then good for you—coz things just got more exciting. Recently, they afforded you a few extra features on employee profiles and auto-scheduling of shifts.

Ready to unwrap the goodies? Let’s get started!

Update #1. Employee Profiles

Known for keeping it simple and fun, Deputy decided to walk the talk with a recent update of employee profiles model.

With the older version of Deputy, it was a bit tedious sifting through employee information in the tiny and squeezed window on the right hand corner.

new and exciting features for deputy users

Looks familiar? Well, not anymore.

Finding profile information in the older version would take a toll on anyone looking to quickly access certain data.

Since the May 2018 update, users are now able to view and manage key information relating to employees. This can be done through the new centred employee profile window.

If you thought the previous version had a modest set up when it came to viewing employee details, then you’re going to find the new model even more effortless.

Welcome to the new Deputy Employee Profile Model…

new and exciting features for deputy users

The new profile design is quite flexible and allows users to browse through employee personal details such as contacts, leave and unavailability, timesheets, newsfeed, and journal updates.

And what’s more? You don’t have to worry about losing functionality of the application since the same information has just been served in a simpler and thrilling way.

Notable is the fact that the update currently relates to only how supervisors and managers view profiles of employees. That is to say, if an employee or a manager was to view their own information, they will still be able to spot the existing gliding panel on the right hand.

Also, with the recent introduction of the new GDPR requirements, you can now protect the privacy of employees by erasing their information at their request or upon leaving the organization.

Update #2. Auto-Scheduling

I feel like I should personally appreciate the Deputy team on behalf of its users on this one. Apparently, it took over two years to piece up this upgrade—so yeah, thumbs up would be in order!

Now, here’s what’s in it for you with this upgrade.

new and exciting features for deputy users

When next you log into Deputy, hit the ‘Schedule’ button and among the appearing menus is the ‘Auto’ icon.

If you click on it, the application analyses a number of things in your database to come up with the ultimate schedule.

Some of the items it analyses include your business demands in terms of sales revenue, number of people required to meet that target, and much more. Based on the evaluated information, it will build a shift structure for you; as well as place the best-suited employees in those shifts.

You’ll appreciate that initially, it would take you a decent amount of time to process this.

Moving forward, under the ‘Auto’ button lays two options. The first one is labelled ‘Auto Build Shift Structure’ and the second one being ‘Auto Fill Empty Shifts’.

Select the ‘Auto Build Shift Structure’ option and an ‘Auto Build’ window will immediately pop up. The window contains a few fields that need to be filled up.

The first one is your preferred shift lengths. Your shifts could range from 4 hours to 8 hours or so depending on your policies.

The next window would be for the shift structure. This can be based on the number of staff required—if previously specified or, you could simply choose a historical time sheet from the drop-down menu. You can then select the ‘Minimum Coverage Option’ if you prefer having a minimum of 1 staff at any given time.

Lastly, is the ‘Starting Hour Block’ which lets you choose when the shifts start. It could be in an hour or two depending on your preference.

After filling all that up, click on the ‘Build Shift’ icon and voila—your shifts’ up and running.

In case you have a couple of other shifts to fill, you can then hit the second option under ‘Auto’ which is marked ‘Auto Fill the Empty Shifts’.

The first option will let you choose whether you wish to keep your costs low or not—of course you do; I mean who doesn’t, right? So just hit that up.

You can then proceed to select the distribution of hours to staff—you could distribute in equal hours or not. This can be done using the ‘Equal Hour’ button.

Under the ‘Learn from me’ icon, you can click on ‘Learn My Preferences from Past Schedule’ if you’ve previous created any.

The next icon is marked ‘How Long Do You Want to Wait’. This button grants you several choices all dependent on the quality of results you require. It could be, a minute or less for a good result, or a few minutes for a better result and so on.

Based on your choices, you’re now set to hit the ‘Auto Fill Shift’ button to have all the remaining shifts scheduled for you.

Well, there you have it!

Exciting, right?

Final Word

These updates could immensely contribute towards your business success and implementing them the right way is paramount. And in the wake of cut-throat competition, surely, you could leverage on some tech advancements.

All in all, we hope you found the update useful for your business and as usual, feel free to get in touch with us in case you require one-on-one range of assistance regarding Deputy.