Netsuite Partners

January, 2020by denzel


Netsuite Partners

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We’re now P A R T N E R S

It has been a long time coming to become a Netsuite partner, and on September 2019, that’s exactly what happened. We are now Alliance Partner in the JAPAC region. We will be specialising in our niche in wholesale/distribution, retail, import/export, e-commerce and manufacturing.

“It’s our purpose as a business to bring the possible to life.”

The reason we have made this move to Netsuite is that as WhichAddOn has grown, so has the size of our customers. It was getting increasingly frustrating that we did not have a solution to fit, and so the natural choice was Netsuite.

We are very proud to be working with Netsuite and look forward to leading our vertical in this area in the future. We imagine the challenges will be immense and are looking forward to working closely with the Netsuite team to tackle these challenges and create amazing solutions for all our customers.

Our “Great Experiences” will now be extended to the Netsuite family.

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