Need a CRM Tool that also manages your practice?

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At Whichaddon we love Accelo so much we use it to manage all aspects of our business. Prior to Accelo we went through a number of different systems. I won’t mention names, but most did not last more than a month. When we started using Accelo, it was love at first sight.

For you to professionally run your practice, you’re not only required to organize your CRM connections but also deal fairly with other client tasks. It is paramount to effectively handle client requests, track time for completion of tasks, review incurred expenses, fraternize with your team members, as well as consistently provide quality ongoing services.

There are tons of tools for handling each of these tasks—but mostly, on separate platforms. Integration of these business processes is quite essential to your business. Otherwise, you may be hindered from being efficient and combative enough in the wake of fierce competition in tech advancements.

Accelo is one such app that is created to solve that problem—letting you do what you love. The software provides your business with a single, easy-to-use platform to help you manage your client work.

Being ideal for a team of 5 or more, Accelo was built for agencies keen on managing their clientele professionally under one platform.

The cloud-born app enables you to stay connected to your business wherever you are. Accelo CRM integrates a number of useful tools that make business processes, clients, and teams to have a synergistic effect on your business.

need a crm tool? accelo manages your jobs and your customers

Accelo Modules

Jobs and Projects

Accelo has inbuilt job tracking and project management tools meant to handle the flexibility needed by professionals in the service industry. You can conveniently organize your budgets, projects, times and tasks, all under one platform.

Sales and Marketing

With this software, users are able to perform sales and marketing activities, track opportunities, and issue quotes and estimates for projects to potential and existing clients.

CRM and Clientele

Accelo comes with a client database that can easily be accessed by all permitted users—authorized users can view client activities such as sales, correspondences, invoices, and much more.

Invoicing and Payments

You can create invoices for services, contracts, and timesheets with a click of a button in Accelo—then conveniently get paid by your clients for billed services.

Contracts and Retainers

If you have service retainers or contracts with your clients, you can absolutely get rid of your billing and reporting struggles. Accelo’s Contracts and Retainers automatically link your contracts to the respective jobs and timesheets.

Email, Notes, and Collaborations

Accelo is wired with a memory storage capability—you can retrieve emails, meeting notes, documents, and more against a given sale or project. This makes it possible for you to trace information such as a past order specifications—whenever you have repeat business.

Tasks, Scheduling, and Timesheets

The app has almost everything your staff may need to execute their tasks and monitor project deadlines using the integrated task tracker, project scheduling and timesheets available in the software.

Client Portal

With Accelo, you can provide your clients with real-time access to their job information—they are able to monitor progress, view account information, and seek help, or better still, place additional orders.


If you’re an Accountant, Bookkeeper, IT Professional, or any other service-based business keen on treating your clients to a new customer relations experience, then Accelo might be a great place to start. With its ability to combine project planning, tracking, and collaborations, your clients wouldn’t be in better hands.

As part of the continued effort to professionalize business processes, Whichaddon is committed to walking with your every step of this journey. We are committed to catering for your training, implementation, and support needs during your partnership with Accelo.

For a more customized assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!