We’re excited to present to you the latest updates from the MRPeasy team. The updates will enable you to have a better view of your manufacturing processes to be able to manage your workflow more efficiently.

mrpeasy updates

Source of image: https://www.mrpeasy.com

For those who are new to MRPeasy, this is a cloud-based Material Requirement Planning (MRP) application meant to serve the small and medium-sized companies with 10 to 200 employees.

For more details about the MRP easy, check out the short introductory video below from their team:

(we can embed the above introductory video for anyone looking to use the application for the first time)

Below are the updates:

  1. Addition of Custom Fields To Stock Lots And Vendors

With this update, users can now be able to add custom fields to stock lots and vendors.

To customize these fields, you’ll need to hit the Settings button, then System Settings.

MRPeasy system settings

Open the Custom fields page which will allow you to customize various fields including stock items under Stock and vendors under Procurement.

MRPeasy stock

MRPeasy procurement

Some important notes about the custom fields:

  • The custom fields are hidden by default; you’ll need to click on Choose Columns to be able to display them.
  • At the moment, you can only make a maximum of 15 customisations.
  • Only users with the Professional package can be able to access the custom fields.
  1. Hide Internet Kiosk Operations

The internet kiosk is a shop-floor progress reporting platform for workers.

MRPeasy system settings - how to log in to kiosk

This new feature allows users to hide operations that are not ready for fulfillment; this means that any tasks that have not been completed can be kept hidden within the same manufacturing order.

The internet kiosk normally displays all tasks assigned to workers; however, if you need to hide any task that is yet to be completed, you’ll need to go to the Settings area.

MRPeasy system settings - tasks assigned for employees

Click on Settings to open System Settings.

Hit the Software Settings button then Worker Sees in Internet-Kiosk. Finish by clicking on Ready for Execution.

  1. Save Direct Links As File Attachments

MRP now allows its users to attach direct links to system files.

The files can then, later on, be accessed from the internet or local servers. Additionally, users can also gain access to the files from the company’s local servers.

Essentially, the links could be for drawings or images, company logo for documents, and more.

Important Note: If the direct link is for a logo, it will not be possible to use it as a PDF file. You may need to sign up for a cloud storage service and store the logo there.

In conclusion, I hope you love the new updates from the MRPeasy team; in case you encounter any problems figuring anything about the application out, don’t hesitate to drop us an inquiry and we’ll get you fixed!

Talk soon!