Mr. Accountant, here’s why you need to connect with a good cloud integrator.

You: “So what is it that you do?”

Me: “I work from home”

You: “Oh, cool. What do you do?”

Me: “We help businesses be more profitable and more efficient using cloud software systems. Technically, we are called cloud integrators.”

The term “cloud integrator” refers to an expert in cloud software systems who helps a business find the best solution to solve the pain points in the business and implement that system without the headaches.

Being a successful cloud integrator is not an easy task. I always say that 70% of what we do is people management – managing the emotions and the natural resistance that arises in the face of change.

And we get it.  Changing the systems on which you run your business on a day to day basis – whilst running the business – is not a simple task. With our business growing so fast in 2017, it took us over a year to fully implement and use our internal project management and CRM system, Accelo, and using it to its full potential.

Think about how hard it is to just change a bad habit you have been trying to kick and replace with a new one. Change is not easy. Managing a business systems change – no matter how beneficial it is – is a difficult task, but with the right preparation, thoughtful implementation and open communication with experts in the process, you will certainly reduce the pain that inevitably comes with major change.

Here’s why you need a good cloud integrator

A good cloud integrator will:

  • Spend the time up front to get to the business processes, workflows, needs and wants
  • Test the business workflows, processes and actual business data in the cloud software available
  • Not just sell you the software that they know, but listen to the intricacies and details of the business and go find the best-fit solution not just the most popular solution
  • Demonstrate the software solution or integrated solutions to the business and all key team members to help them make an informed decision that it’s the right solution
  • Provide a fixed price proposal and flexible payment plan to ensure there are no surprises. Big change requires your investment of time and money – get it right the first time!
  • Provide customised training for all your team members – you need to be trained on your actual workflows, not some generic widget data.
  • Support you by phone, email and onsite if required through the transition period and proactively review the new systems on a regular basis
  • Liaise with you (the accountant) to ensure that the new system is configured correctly for the business and for the financial analysis and reporting that you need
  • Not all cloud integrators are created equal

Marlon and I will be the first to tell you that being a cloud integrator is not easy. It’s taken years of failures and successes to get to where we are today. We constantly have to take a step back and humble ourselves to see where we can improve. When a client is not 100% happy, we don’t grumble any more and complain that they are unreasonable – we stop and ask, “What can we do better now and next time?”

Being a successful integrator takes a unique set of skills. Listening. Patience.  Experience in real-life business, not just the theory or the hardware. Ability to learn fast (to find the best solutions) and communicate (to share the best solutions). Attention to detail and a love for numbers and data.

Both Marlon and I are accountants by trade and have spent our lives dedicated to improving client’s businesses – to make them more profitable and efficient. In the past, we sold our services to make them more efficient, now the software does a lot of the work once setup correctly and everyone has the right training.

If you have clients that want to move into the cloud, now is the time to create a working relationship with a great cloud integrator. We created our CloudNewstart System to help your clients move to the cloud without the headaches.

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