What is Cin7’s core?

It’s fair to say, not all systems are created equal. Cin7 does not advertise that they have a Contact Management system, as the key functions of their solution is to manage your stock moving through your business. However, the good thing is that the stock that moves through the system can be traced back to a customer or supplier which is a bonus.

Often when people are searching for an Inventory solution, they forget about the fact that they do have to manage their Customers and Suppliers in preferably one system. So it is a nice surprise when prospects review this in Cin7 to understand that Cin7 does have a way to handle customers.

Now please note that this is not a CRM Function – this does not manage the sales pipeline or marketing efforts. Cin7, however, does offer solutions for this by way of connectivity with other advanced CRM solutions.

So how does Cin7 manage customers? (Contact Management System)

Cin7 has repository function to capture information on Customers and Suppliers in addition to Branches and Internal Notes.

The function of Cin7’s CRM is to be able to set rules around customers and suppliers which will make the sales process easier when processing transactions within a Sales Order or Purchase Order. I will go highlight these functions and what the benefits of each function is!




Search Fields available Some search fields are mapped across to Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to avoid repetitive order entry This is a standard function
Capture Name, Email, Address, These details populate into a Sales Order and Purchase Order screens as you search for them or begin entering the first 3 letters This is a standard function
Pricing Tiers Different pricing tiers can be allocated to different customer/supplier groups or individuals so that the right price will apply when processing a transaction relating to their profile. Limit of up to 20 pricing tiers
Custom Fields available If there are fields you require, Cin7 has some flexibility to allow you to create these fields which can be used for reporting purposes This needs to be scoped out prior to subscribing so to avoid any surprising costs
Payment Terms Payment Terms can help define how you interact with your customers/suppliers and will also be picked up when processing Sales Orders and Purchase Orders.
Tax Rates for different states If you are trading with different customers in different locations around the world, the relevant tax rate would apply and communicates through to the transaction process. Tax rates are pulled through with rules around postal codes rather than an integrated tax rate solution, which can provide inaccuracy in information flowing through to your accounting solution
Add Alternative GL Accounts Map your customers/supplier to the appropriate General Ledger Account, within your Chart of accounts. This is a neat function
Multiple Delivery Address Option & Centralised Billing This is great if you do have multiple locations and need to bill to one centralized head office.
Credit Limit Facility You can add in credit limits for on account customers that are regular purchasers of your product, as Xero does not have a credit limit function. This is a neat function.
Placing customers on hold to indicate a warning The placing of the hold will enable you to see if a customer has gone above their credit limit This only signifies a warning, does not have a stop credit facility to avoid purchasing. So customers can still make purchases (which can be a good thing and a bad thing)
Promotional Matrix where discounts may apply for bulk discounting You can set promotions per customer, as a % or dollar value option You need to manually update this individually for each customer, so you should be quite clear on the promo types you want to have.
Create Customer Groups to improve reporting You can set different customer group classifications to break down the type of customers you might have This has to be manually ticked, if someone does not tick this it can be room for human error which can cause inaccuracies.
Multiple Stage options available within a customer workflow You can categorize customers in different customer stages e.g Quoted, VIP Customers, not interested This has to be manually selected for each customer in order to be able to report on, and if it is not selected, then data reporting can be inaccurate.
Connect with B2B customers with an Autologin function Out of the box B2B Solution designed for Trade/Wholesale businesses that simply just need to trade to a specific group of customers with set pricing tiers As your B2B Business becomes more complex and requires more detailed pricing structures for your various customer groups, you will find the options to handle this in Cin7 become difficult. UI is not flexible.
Order History Visibility available within the profile You can see what your customer has ordered, and track their order activity (purchases) over a period of time, including any quotes provided to them which have been accepted or are still open.

You can see details of what invoices are outstanding to be paid and this information can be brought into POS to process and pay via EFTPOS.

You cannot export the Order History view directly from this view into an excel file.

Email Engine for tracking emails sent from the CRM

You can log emails sent directly from your Cin7 system out to customers and the email info can be predefined so you don’t have to manually type in who you are sending the email too, but you have the flexibility to if you need it You can only send emails from Cin7, it does not have a function to receive emails or follow a particular thread.
Hiding products from certain groups of customers or assigning products to customer profiles You choose products that a customer would buy regularly from you, to be associated with their profile and link them to a specific pricing tier Cin7 is not currently able to toggle products on and off for specific customers.

Other CRM’s that Cin7 connects with?

Cin7’s integration requires access to Salesforce API, therefore your organization must use one of the following editions of Salesforce:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • Unlimited Edition

The API is not available for the following editions:

  • Contact Edition
  • Group Edition
  • Professional Edition.

Integrating Salesforce with Cin7 will allow you to:

  • Transfer product, pricing and stock information to Salesforce.
  • Import Quotes (marked as accepted) or Opportunities (marked “Closed Won”) from Salesforce into Cin7 Sales Orders.
  • Update customer contact information in Cin7 as the quotes from Salesforce are imported.
  • Map Cin7 price columns to their respective active Price books in Salesforce.


To check the Salesforce Version, go to Setup and Click on Administer in the left panel.

The version name will appear at the top.


Capsule is a leading cloud CRM software, helping you to “build stronger customer relationships, make more sales and save time”. Cin7’s integration allows you to maintain your Capsule whilst benefitting from the advanced inventory features of Cin7.

Integrating Capsule with Cin7 will allow you to:

  • Create contacts in Cin7 from Capsule.
  • Update contacts in Cin7 from Capsule.
  • Create contacts in Capsule from Cin7.
  • Create opportunities in Capsule from Cin7 Quotes.

Based on simple REST principles, our API endpoints return data in JSON format for products, pricing, stock information, orders, payments and contacts.

The base address of the API is https://api.cin7.com/api. There are several endpoints at that address, each with its own path.

Zapier can be used as a middleman between Cin7 and anything that it integrates with. It can create a Cin7 customer based on a facebook message, an order confirmation email or a customer created in MailChimp or Salesforce.

You can pretty much use zapier in place of Cin7’s native Salesforce integrations. With Zapier you can also have actions triggered by Cin7 events too. So if a customer is created by Cin7 you can use some third party integration to send an automated email out to someone for example. You would need to be invited into this Zapier integration by Cin7 as it is BETA testing.