Kounta has in the last couple of months perfected their art with an upgrade of its POS. Known for providing affordable, easy-to-use point of sale for businesses in the hospitality industry; the team has had to constantly keep up with the fierce competition in their niche.

For those imagining how useful these guys are, here’s a quick overview of what they offer hospitality businesses.

kounta updates

Now that you’re in the know regarding what Kounta can offer, let’s take a dive into their recent updates to make all the benefits mentioned function optimally. Read on.

  1. New Colours and Fonts

The older version of Kounta certainly never focused much on the stylish bit of the interior colours, fonts, and contrasts. With this update, the fonts and colours are a sure muse of hospitality to anyone interacting with the POS.

If you’ve worked on a lower light setting with the older version, you’ll certainly appreciate the recent upgrade.

And better still; the change is a great relief to individuals with lesser stellar vision.

  1. Repositioned Profile and Help Icons

In the previous version’s Back Office, the top right-hand side of the screen contained the Help and Profile icons. However, in the latest version, the icons have been moved to the left-hand sidebar.

Notable is the fact that the POS icon maintained its original place granting you a quick access to it when serving customers.

Conveniently positioned on the same space are the Profile and Help options—talk of simplicity and consistency to your Kounta experience.

  1. Interchanging Companies and Sites

This feature has been strategically positioned on the sidebar on the left-hand side. It enables you to easily navigate between sites and companies all under one menu.

  1. The Sidebar Menu Expansion

The navigation menu has now been conditioned to always expand with a ‘heading’ rather than ‘icons’. The change is meant to foster cruising of Back Office sections such as Users and Products.

  1. Help and Switch User

Switch User and Help (?) buttons have now been shifted to the bottom of the left-hand sidebar from their initial top-right position of the navigation bar. The change is aimed at providing a consistent experience with Back Office.

The Switch User icon now shows the individuals who logged in at specific times.

  1. Shifted Search Bar

In a bid to align your products with the search icon, Kounta shifted the ‘Search Bar’ to the left—clearly showing a search is for particular products and barcodes. The results are now displayed in the form of tiles to show a larger number of results under one screen.

  1. Re-characterization of Tables, Orders and History Buttons

These icons haven’t changed in terms of positions—rather, they have been assigned ‘word’ characters further enhancing the clarity of the icons; more so to new users.

  1. Hand Symbol Reinvented

Initially, sending dockets to the printers was executed by a hand symbol. The symbol has now been replaced with the word ‘Send’ for a clearer meaning of the button.

  1. Editing a Product on a Sale

The layout for editing a product on a sale is now more instinctive.

The ‘trashcan’ icon was also replaced by a “Remove” button to better depict its function.

  1. Error Symbols Repositioning

Henceforth, the error symbols will now appear in the top left-hand corner of your product list menu. The symbols had previously been displaying on different locations of the screen.

Over to you

There’s no doubt that the future of Kounta is something to watch out for in the hospitality space if their recent updates are anything to go by.

We at WhichAddOn understand how daunting adapting to and implementing change could get having gotten used to your old Kounta version.

For this reason, we’ve kept our doors and lines open ready to do the heavy lifting for you; letting you concentrate on what matters most—running a profitable enterprise.