Last week, I was running around the oval where Marlon and I run often after dropping the kids at school. The song “Price Tag” by Jessie J came through my headphones just as I was thinking about how to share the message that we are not charging anyone for the service of

It’s free for Xero Add-ons, Xero Advisors and Xero Users


We believe that you can’t be completely independent when you are getting paid. is all about educating everyone in the Xero ecosystem about what’s available, how the add-ons work with Xero and to tell people real stories about the solutions making a difference in lives around the world.

Marlon is my partner in life and business and we sit side by side every day learning about Xero and the add-ons so we can pass this knowledge onto you. We love learning and educating others on how to make their business better using the tools available to them.

So how do we make money?

It’s an inevitable question so let’s get it out there. We have another business promoted through my existing brand,, where we provide cloud integration services and expert level training on Xero and the add-ons.

It has always been my mission as a Xero Ecosystem Trainer to help every Xero user use Xero to it’s greatest potential. This is the next phase – the Xero Add-ons.

We are not trying to replace the Xero Add-on Marketplace or the Xero blog – it is still the best place to get the latest news about the latest Xero Add-ons when they are released. We want to help make sense of the noise and find real-life examples of how Xero and the add-ons are changing lives all around the world.

For us, business is about helping people first and money second. After all, we do have 6 kids that we have to provide for. But real business success is not about the money.

Just like Jessie J says “Forget about the price tag. It’s Not About The Money.” #INATM