Invoice Sherpa is a debtor management add-on that integrates with Xero as well as a number of other accounting platforms.

Invoice Sherpa is one of the more complete debtor solutions in the Xero Ecosystem. It has quite a comprehensive feature list that is well suited for medium to large businesses.

I would like to digress for a moment, when I look at add-ons like Invoice Sherpa, Satago, Chaser, ezyCollect, etc. They are the more complete solutions in the ecosystem, they are the type of add-ons that save you a lot of money and time.

I would suggest they would almost potentially replace a staff member in the following scenarios;

  • You already have a person just dedicated to A/R and are on the lookout for an assistant
  • You are an accounts person needing an extra hand for A/R
  • A business owner needing someone to chase your customers up and you have 100 other things to do.

My suggestion is, if your business is going through the above scenarios, just get an add-on, it always works, never sleeps, no workers compensation, no large wage bill, always on time, and does exactly what you set it to do, and it costs so much less! What’s not to like? Just food for thought…

So What Features does Invoice Sherpa Have?

As mentioned Invoice Sherpa is a complete solution that covers a lot of the requirements of debtor management. The following are the main features available:

  • Reminders – highly customisable templates. Create a timeline of what you want to send and when you want to send it.
  • Integrates payments into the reminders, so that collection can be made right from the reminder, using companies like Stripe, PayPal, eWAY, Ezidebit, etc
  • Customer portal like a B2B interface for Accounts Receivable, customers can view all their invoices, ask questions, manage payments, etc. The portal can be a standalone website or it can be embedded in your current website.
  • Any recurring payments can be automated through the integrated payment services.
  • Send invoices to collection agencies with one click
  • Schedule a Live Phone call in your reminder panel
  • Schedule an SMS invoice reminder
  • Schedule an internal staff reminder to chase up an invoice – i.e. sales representative

Stand out Features

The main foundation to Invoice Sherpa is their reminder system, but they have a couple of cool features, firstly it allows you to schedule an actual “human” phone call, provide by Invoice Sherpa’s in-house agents, which I think adds another dimension that not many other solutions have. Within their reminders is also an internal reminder to a staff member, perhaps the reminder can be sent to a sales representative to make a quick call/email with a friendly reminder as well as chase up more – invoice sherpa, the evolution of debtor automation Another really useful feature they have is a customer portal, which is not really new but it is designed really well, giving you access to all your prior invoices as well as ageing all your current unpaid invoices, and also giving you the ability to update your company details live.

Xero Integration

Information is updated every 30 minutes in Xero, and for that matter all the other accounting integrations Invoice Sherpa works with. You can also force a sync anytime you wish and it will pull through all the invoices, payments, etc.


Invoice Sherpa comes with 3 plans

Sole Proprietor – $49/Month – 100 Chased Invoices

Small Business – $99/Month – 500 Chased Invoices

Enterprise – $199/Month – 1000 Chased Invoices

The scheduled call out feature is charged at $1.99/minute

Final Thoughts

In my starting comments, I mentioned how powerful solutions like Invoice Sherpa truly are and in reality, they can quite easily replace an assistant or part-time employee.

In many ways, the position of an Accounts Receivable person is very repetitive and add-ons like Invoice Sherpa can do the job in many ways more effectively, and when you have additional features like those Invoice Sherpa offers to make the reminder phone calls for you, it really is hard to get past.

Not a Business User?