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Add-on Rental Management System for cloud-based accounting platforms like Xero. The system includes complete rental management including Repair & Maintenance functionality module. The system includes barcode tracking, serial number management, kit/package management, long-term rental management and a whole lot more.

What industries do you serve? Tick all that apply.

Hire/Rental industry, Other Hire/Rental industry

What business needs do you solve? Tick all that apply.

Job Management, Paperless, Reporting & Analysis, Hire/Rental Management, Other Hire/Rental Management

What is your core point of difference from other add-ons in your market segment?

Tight integration with accounting systems like Xero rather than a stand-alone application. Includes complete rental management functionality.

Please provide us with your top four (4) features or selling points that your customers love.

Feature 1:
Automated monthly and long-term invoicing at the click of a button.

Feature 2:
Serial management for all inventory items.

Feature 3:
Kit/Package management for all event management and property styling industries.

Feature 4:
Barcode tracking.

Name three (3) soon-to-be-released features that are currently on your development roadmap.

Feature 1:
Customer Portal for customer self-service

Feature 2:
Delivery runs for managing deliveries and pickups

Feature 3:
Warehouse multi-location functionality for businesses with multiple locations.

In 250 words or less, describe how your add-on connects with Xero. Describe what your add-on pushes through or pulls from Xero – a mini Xero integration lesson.

RentalSaaS uses customers and inventory items in Xero and add values to them in RentalSaaS in terms of unlimited customer delivery addresses, serial number tracking for rental items, rental pricing based on various rental periods, barcode tracking etc. Once a rental invoice is finalised, RentalSaaS creates an invoice in Xero. For long-term rentals, RentalSaaS prepares the monthly invoices and creates an invoice in Xero for each customer.

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[email protected]

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Siva Sivakumar

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