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QikGen is an online ordering system built for wholesalers in the food industry. Integrated with Xero, QikGen automates the entire ordering & invoicing process for wholesalers

What industries do you serve? Tick all that apply.

Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry, Food & Beverage, Restaurants, Cafes & Bars, Transport & Logistics,

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eCommerce, Inventory Management,

What is your core point of difference from other add-ons in your market segment?

Designed for food wholesalers by food wholesalers

Please provide us with your top four (4) features or selling points that your customers love.

Feature 1:
Online ordering for your customers

Feature 2:
Automated invoicing for wholesalers

Feature 3:
Inventory management

Feature 4:
Pricing levels for wholesaler’s customer base

Name three (3) soon-to-be-released features that are currently on your development roadmap.

Feature 1:
Integrate with more accounting packages including MYOB and QuickBooks Online

Feature 2:
Develop logistic side of software for wholesalers and their delivery fleet

Feature 3:
Developing a “pay now” structure for the wholesaler to improve their cash flow

In 250 words or less, describe how your add-on connects with Xero. Describe what your add-on pushes through or pulls from Xero – a mini Xero integration lesson.

Wholesaler’s customers log in to their account and easily order via their tailored order form. The wholesaler receives the orders and then quickly generates picking slips, also an inventory purchase sheet to fill those orders, and then at a touch of a button, QikGen generates itemised invoices in the wholesalers Xero account for those orders… without manually having to enter all your orders for that day’s trade!

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[email protected]

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James Kelly

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