This Xerocon 2018, we were excited to meet the N2 team and discover their product as a wonderful inventory addon to Xero that we hadn’t seen yet. This article introduces N2 and some of the common FAQs about N2 in a recent interview with their team.

What is the background of the company bringing us N2? 

N2 ERP software is a product of the New Zealand-based company, First Software. So, to get a clear
understanding of N2, it is better first understand that First Software is a company that developed software in retail and distribution
areas in the past. Using this experience, they developed N2. Knowing the frustrations of having different systems, they developed an
integrated platform and called it N2.

What are some misconceptions?

N2 is not just for large businesses. Although, ERP is generally as system that only large businesses require, in this day and age, the expectations customers have on all businesses is so high, that the small business needs to be just as agile and amazing at fulfilling orders and managing customers requests ASAP. N2 enables this with it’s own in-built CRM. B2B, POS, e-commerce platform and more.

There are so many cloud inventory systems on the market, what makes you different?

N2 stands out for its integrated nature. Most of the software in the market offers only one or two services in retail and distribution areas, but with N2, the business owner can relax as our software take care of all the required activities from buying, storing, selling, and recording.

What are the key features of N2 that make it stand out from the crowd?

  1. Procurement: As with all inventory management software, N2 provides all the procurement features a product-selling business needs. But N2 doesn’t stop after creating a purchase order and managing landed costs, N2 also enables the business to cater to customer demand by purchasing on actuals, setting customer budgets and enabling drop shipping direct from the supplier to the customer if needed.
  2. Inventory management: Again, as with an inventory management software, N2 provides you real-time visibility into all your stock in multiple locations, even bin locations. Managing stock as it moves through the warehouse is a breeze with barcodes, quick product setup, stock item variations and more. N2 can even build integrations with your 3PL warehouse to automate your supply chain and eliminate mistakes by integrating with your 3PL.
  3. Sales & CRM: Yes! An inventory management system that understands the importance of having a detailed CRM system. I’m not talking about “contact” relationship system, where you just want to record contact details, addresses etc. N2 provides you with the ability to record all customer integrations, lodge complaints and issues and mark them as resolved, manage your customers out in the field on the mobile app and set customer level budgets… just to name a few things. You have to see it to believe it.
  4. E-commerce: N2 is a little different to other inventory management solutions in the market, that they didn’t start out building integrations to e-commerce platforms – N2 has it’s own website platform, which makes it extremely customisable and powerful. If you have unique website requirements, it’s always a good idea to ask N2, as they answer may just be yes.
  5. Accounting: Worried you are going to outgrow Xero? Xero has a transaction limit and there is not much we can all do about it. If you love Xero and are looking for inventory solution that will grow with you, N2 just might be the answer. If you outgrow Xero, you can just turn the Xero integration off and active the N2 finance module. It’s really working in the background the whole time and just mirrioring Xero – so it’s not a worry as you grow.

Will I still need add-ons or use integrations with your software?

N2 does provide you with a lot of features already in-built in the software. It has its own POS, e-commerce, C2M and everything you need to run your warehouse. N2 even has it’s own finance and accounting module, which means that if you outgrow Xero or QuickBooks Online and you are using N2 for inventory, you don’t have to change the operational platform you can use N2. If you are an Australian customer, you would still need addons for payroll, Amazon, eBay, EDI and 3PL – it really depends on your business needs.

Where do you see the industry going? 

With more and more business opting to operate their businesses in the cloud, the industry apps and cloud business will experience growth for sure. Similarly, according to my observation, within the next 5 years more than 80% of businesses will have moved their operations online.

N2’s plans for the future? 

First, we hope to provide the app to help more and more business in Australia and New Zealand, as well as move the app to
other countries. Second, with technology growing every day, we hope to develop more integrated apps in all areas of business, as well as
continuous upgrading of the N2 software.

If you would like to know more about N2 and work out if it’s the right software for you, book in a free Discovery call with one of our Solution Engineers here and we’d love to help.