A canned response in Gmail is a something you can do so you can automate a bunch of responses to emails using a template. But how do you create canned responses in Gmail? Why do you even need canned responses? I’ll explain in this article why you need canned responses and also how you can quickly create them for free using any Gmail account.

Why Do I need canned responses?

If you’ve been running a business for some time or have been working in a position which requires you to send quite a lot of e-mails to your clients and customers, you may have noticed that a lot of the time you are sending the same e-mail to different clients each time. These could be e-mails as simple as a confirmation of an appointment, if you have multiple meetings with clients every day, you are likely sending similar confirmations to everyone all the time and re-typing them every single time you do. But with canned responses you can save a template within your Gmail account, then use the same saved template over and over for your clients and simply change their name and other personal details such as the time or date. Canned responses can help you to be more efficient at work by saving you time every day. The more you use it, the more time you will save and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t discover it sooner!

How do you create canned responses in Gmail?

Step 1

Once logged into Gmail, go to the top right and click on the gear icon.

How Do You Create Canned Responses In Gmail?

Step 2

Once you are in your settings page, navigate to the tab towards the top of the page and click on “Labs”

How Do You Create Canned Responses In Gmail?

Step 3

In “Labs” there will be a list of services available. Look in the list for “canned responses” and then tick “Enable”. Scroll to the bottom after ticking “Enable” and save your changes.

How Do You Create Canned Responses In Gmail?

Step 4

Start a new e-mail by clicking “Compose”. Then type your canned response template that you wish to create. Then move your mouse down to the bottom right corner of the e-mail and click the arrow. It will open up a box, navigate up to where you can see “canned responses”, then click “New canned response”. Gmail will then ask you to name your canned response; after you do, you can then save it.

How Do You Create Canned Responses In Gmail?

Step 5

When you want to add your canned response into an e-mail in the future. All you need to do when composing an email is to navigate down to the arrow on the bottom right of your e-mail, click “canned responses” then click the canned response you just created. Once you click on it, your Gmail will know to paste your canned response template into your e-mail. This will save you a lot of time!

How Do You Create Canned Responses In Gmail?

Now that you know how to create canned responses you can start using them today for all sorts of tasks and appointments!

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