DEAR is a fully-fledged inventory management tool that offers customized solutions for B2B e-commerce.

The application allows you to manage several warehouses containing complex products, maintain detailed tracking of the purchased stock and the sales orders. In addition, the application offers customized reports relating to purchases, sales, inventory, and more.

Apart from Amazon, DEAR is compatible with numerous other applications including Xero and QBO, and multiple marketplaces (eBay, Magento, Shopify, Etsy, and more).

How it Works with Amazon

  • Central order fulfillment/management: DEAR contains a Pick, Pack, and Ship functionality that enables users to deduct and update the remaining stock of their Amazon sales channel. After a customer places an order and an invoice is created, DEAR uploads the sale info to the accounting platform.

In addition, you can choose to customize how your sales data is imported into your accounting system; it can either be for each individual sale or for an entire day’s sales.

  • Business back-end automation: DEAR connects to your Amazon Seller Central and other sales channel to automate the importation and matching of your customers, orders, product listings, to help you minimize the time that would otherwise have been spent completing double entry transactions.
  • Managing product catalog: With DEAR, you can directly import your products from Amazon individually or as a whole catalog, with the ability to support both simple and variant products. Since you’re able to manage multiple channels on DEAR, you can also choose to list all the products from different stores under the same platform but each listed on a separate catalog.
  • Mapping of tax and payment methods: DEAR works seamlessly with Amazon to map the precise payment methods and tax rules to ensure that your accounting system reports the correct taxes and payment methods. This ensures that the system records the correct transaction and reduces the times spent on conducting payment reconciliations when amounts are actually received.

Why you need DEAR

  • Centralize orders, product data, and customer management tool
  • Seamlessly integrates with multiple sales and accounting platforms
  • DEAR synchronizes the stock on your various sales channels on a real-time basis

The Point is…

DEAR is a holistic solution that helps you integrate your business information with your accounting systems, manage your inventory and sales orders, with minimal effort to enabling you to save time and money.

That said, we’d be happy to provide more insights on why you need to integrate your Amazon sales channel with DEAR. Book a free scope call with one of our Amazon and DEAR experts here.