Born and bred in Beechworth, Steven and Jodie Goldsworthy purchased their own bees in 1992 and developed the Beechworth Honey label soon after. In 1999 they formed the prestigious and highly awarded company of today.

honey – a sweet experience

The Challenge

It was a large implementation, covering their entire business. As such we spent a considerable amount of time understanding their workflow and key processes. The key areas we covered with Beechworth Honey was their accounting, inventory, e-commerce, POS, B2B, rostering, reporting and honey management/documentation.

This was not a simple implementation and required that a lot of systems working seamlessly together to ensure that the client had a seamless experience.

Further to this, they were coming from a manual process and MYOB. New staff had also been recently brought in, the organisation was re-structuring for future growth, and a new model of growth. So it was important that management objectives were met at a higher level, as well as making sure that staff felt properly supported through the transition process.

The Solution

The solution all rotated around the accounting system Xero. Inventory was managed with Cin7 as it allowed for e-commerce, EDI and B2B. POS was connected via Vend, despite Cin7 having its own POS setup, this had been partially implemented prior to bringing us on board. The Vend setup was at their retail stores and it worked well. Staff were rostered at the retail outlets using Deputy.

Stage two of the implementation will cover reporting and the honey management process. For reporting, we are utilising FUTRLI and we are currently looking at a number of different options for the honey management/documentation process including commodity management software agri digital.

honey – a sweet experience

The Support

Support has been integral for such a large implementation. We had two staff onsite for a week assisting and tweaking the system at the go-live stage. Ongoing weekly meetings and training sessions help alleviate any stress for clients.

Further to this, on a monthly basis, we also provide an exclusive service where we reconcile Xero and Cin7 for sales, purchases, cost of goods sold and stock on hand for clients to ensure that the system is running smoothly and that staff are following best practices.